Delain - We Are The Others 2012

Delain is the symphonic project that recorded and perform much on the ground metal music. They are accessible, catchy, bombastic orchestral and with female singer Charlotte Wessels who is very strong in character. The album We Are The Others is no other than previous Delain works. This album however is more song orientated, with less heavy work and unfortunately, no guitar solo needed.

Composer Martijn Westerholt put great effort in making this album an interesting album, most of songs thick in symphonic and gothic metal feel. Highligh songs are Mother Machine, the first song with most heavier riff which in a second almost sound like a nice thrash metal intro. Milk and Honey with its rare melodious guitar interlude. Hit Me with Your Best Shot is very alternative / nu metal influence, with Evanescence groove. Where Is The Blood with darker and death metal singing featuring Burton C. Bell. Babylon is another good song with memorable chorus. 

We Are The Others is a colorful album to enjoy. The style and song composition get a good touch in every track that capture every imagination of the song. Singer Charlotte hits the high and low notes with great agility. The whole story about Sophie Lancester is emotionally bring up and made this a nice metal tribute to the character.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Delain - We Are The Others 2012

1. Mother Machine
2. Electricity
3. We are the Others
4. Milk and Honey
5. Hit Me With your Best Shot
6. I Want You
7. Where is the Blood
8. Generation Me
9. Babylon
10. Are You Done with Me?
11. Get the Devil Out of Me
12. Not Enough

- Martijn Westerholt / Keyboards
- Charlotte Wessels / Vocals
- Sander Zoer / Drums
- Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije / Bass
- Timo Somers / Guitars
- Burton C. Bell / Vocals on track 7 

Goth Art for Delain Album Cover

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