Neil Zaza - Clyde the Cat 2012

Neil Zaza comes again to hypnotized us with his melodious guitar shred. He is mainly known in Asia for his endorsement for Cort guitar manufactured. In this album Clyde the Cat, Neil Zaza continued his journey into the guitar world. Everything we familiar with Zaza are present here, the signature natural minor scale, the long hypnotizing sustaining notes and most of song lay upon a simple song structure. Zaza is not copying blitz shredding, as it is not very necessarily in his composition. This album differ very little from his first album Thrills & Chills through now. But it's not that experiment orientated as in Starring at the Sun album.

The album however have two cover song to break the wall. First the open track Funeral for a Friend is a familiar song that covered by many, such as Dream Theater. Later is the Adagio in G minor, the Baroque piece built upon Tomaso Albinoni script that enjoy reputation for its shred-ish guitar translation, especially by Yngwie. Neil also rerecorded two his memorable guitar composition, Melodia along with Higher and Higher. Highlight for his accompaniment musician are drummer Steve Smith on tracks Jewel and Violet Twilight.

That's all, the rest of the album contained hour of wonderful worth music. If you need the music to serve your relaxing time this is it. It will stunned you and have a good balance between beautiful notes and technically needed shred guitar music.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Neil Zaza Clyde the Cat 2012
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1. Funeral For A Friend (5:40)
2. Endless Highway (6:52)
3. Higher and Higher 2012 (3:42)
4. Jewel (3:50)
5. Adagio Intro (1:26)
6. Adagio (4:34)
7. Melodia 2012 (3:08)
8. Violet Twilight (4:19)
9. Untitled 2012 (3:32)
10. The National Anthem (1:53)
11. In My Dreams (Live Studio Version) (3:58)

Neil Zaza-All Guitars
Garrett Janos-Drums (1,2,3,6,7,9,10)
Steve Smith-Drums (4,8)
Walter Cerasani-Bass (2,4,5,6,7,8,9)
Todd Rogers-Keys (1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10)
Mark Leach-Hammond B3 (2,7,8)
Timothy M. Bradford-Piano (2,4,8, 11)
Mistheria-Piano (6)
John Sferra-Drums (11)
Raymond J. Liptak-Bass (11)

Produced by Neil Zaza

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