Dark Empire - From Refuge to Ruin 2012

Dark Empire  From Refuge to Ruin

Few band can do a mixing between several metal genres into a nice metal combo, one is Dark Empire. I only get to know them recently and enjoy their latest album , From Refuge to Ruin. As mentioned, this band outstanding for being either thrash, progressive and power metal. The thrash elements found on their song writing and vocal which also include growling vocal. They are slightly less dynamic in song structure, less groove enough to being labelled as pure progressive. For power metal it's the guitar solo, galloping drum that made it.

From Refuge to Ruin combine most of this elements into a nice mix. The first song A Plague in the Throne Room plus its power metal intro done a successful job ushering us into this album. Dreaming in Vengeance is more progressive feel here. The song scale itself quickly bring us to the familiar early Symphony X alike sound. As for The Crimson Portrait, it is the thrash metal feel that bring a front. A nice thrash guitar riff also continue in Dark Seed of Depravity. And then the title song From Refuge to Ruin is again the power metal feel. Then the album of course closed with epic 13:55 minutes the Cleansing Fire.

Do need to doubt the guitar and musical work here, as only dedicated musicians will able to mix this successfully. Mainly this is the work of guitarist / composer Mark Moliti. The singer is a new member Brian Larkin. The production is also great, being able to transitioned the vocal differences without much notice. This is a perfect album for fans that need compromise between this three up front metal style. I am glad to get introduce and wholehearty recommended this young talents from New Jersey to metal fans.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Dark Empire  From Refuge to Ruin 2012
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01. A Plague In The Throne Room
02. Dreaming In Vengeance
03. The Crimson Portrait
04. Dark Seeds Of Depravity
05. From Refuge To Ruin
06. Lest Ye Be Judged
07. What Men Call Hatred
08. Black Hearts Demise
09. The Cleansing Fires

Brian Larkin - vocals
Matt Moliti - guitars, death vocals
Randy Knecht - bass
Matt Graff - drum

Graphic design for Dark Empire progressive art

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