Tyketto - Dig in Deep 2012

For die hard fans of early '90s AOR and hard rock scene, Tyketto name should be included in their memory very well. This band from New York once hit high with their hits "Forever Young". However, again their music was boxed in favour to the grunge movement. This month, after we got Trixter come back, Tyketto also join the hype and succesfully recorded a new album , Dig in Deep.

Just like Trixter, Tyketto faithfully played the music what made up them, the hard rock and AOR. But rather than leaning to blues territory, Tyketto is also got country rock feel. The album started with Faithless and its opening riff we waiting for. The other highlight is The Fight Left in Me, a shred in intro but smoothly run into the same hard rock song we already get in every track. The rest are nostalgic country ballad couple with catchy hard rock songs, the example are the last track, This is How We Say Goodbye. Singer Danny Vaughn put in the great vocal for this style and the guitarist licks and solo all magnify the songs.

This album will bring you back to the '90s AOR scene. The entire album are solid hard rock music, put in a thick wild west feel with slide guitar and country like vocal line. If you never listen to Tyketto this album are recommended for you.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

Tyketto - Dig in Deep 2012 (Frontier)
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1. Faithless … 4:56
2. Love To Love … 4:24
3. Here’s Hoping It Hurts … 3:51
4. Battle Lines … 3:30
5. The Fight Left In Me … 4:56
6. Evaporate … 3:42
7. Monday … 4:02
8. Dig In Deep … 4:09
9. Sound Off … 3:06
10. Let This One Slide … 4:29
11. This Is How We Say Goodbye … 4:41

Danny Vaughn – Vocals
Brooke St. James – Guitars
Jimi Kennedy – Bass
Michael Clayton – Drums

Producer: Tyketto

Cover album artwork

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