Trixter - New Audio Machine 2012

Wow... is this our missing love, Trixter? Is this the music we sacrificed to made a room for grunge? What did we eat back then? This is my first impression hearing back to this Trixter newest 2012 album. Back in the nineties, there were many acts of glam metal, from the super millionairess GN'R or Bon Jovi to the second layered Winger, Warrant, Firehouse and.... Trixter. Yes, how could we forget this band hailed from New Jersey. The road of glam metal wasn't very clear to them twenty years ago and after producing some really nice vibe with album Hear! (1990), Trixter called it quit in the mid of nineties, one of our best regard victims of alternative rock and grunge. And my last memory with Trixter was their contribution on OST album If Looks Could Kill.

So, when the news from Frontier Records and their social network confirm a 2012 album, I was mouthwatering to get what will they offer. On this reunion and emotional release, New Audio Machine we got nothing except the "WOW". Wow, because they simply continue what they left behind back then. The first track "Drag Me Down" is a simply blown away Southern Bluesy Hard Rock tune. There are simply followed by track like Get On It, Love Machine and Dirty Love, all songs that typically what we used to heard twenty years ago. This album are best in showing how good the crunchy guitar still sounds. Not to mentioned the superb on the game singer, Peter Loran. He sound simply classic here, just listen to track Physical Attraction.

There hard to pick which song stand out because they all on good quality. Best spot on AOR, Melodic rock or glam metal whatever to call it, my recommendations is Machine because of its classic intro, and the last track (European Bonus) Find A Memory which heavy and the last sign of them showing respond to 21st century AOR scene. Out of this, almost zero percent evidence that they need to compromise the music to this time. Outstanding melodic album, best glam metal we got yet again from veteran band this year.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

Trixter - New Audio Machine (2012)
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01. Drag Me Down
02. Get On It
03. Dirty Love
04. Machine
05. Live For The Day
06. Ride
07. Physical Attraction
08. Tattoos & Misery
09. The Coolest Thing
10. Save Your Soul
11. Walk With A Stranger
12. Find A Memory (European Bonus)

Peter Loran– lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Steve Brown– lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
P. J. Farley– bass guitar, backing vocals
Mark "Gus" Scott– drums, percussion, backing vocals 

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