List of Guitarist Crossed Path with Megadeth

In its thirty years of acts, Dave Mustaine has put in most notable guitarist on his Megadeth line up. There are about seven guitarist that officially manage to landed as Dave's right hand. Two of them only serve as appetizer to Megadeth's earlier years:

Greg Handevidt - He stayed in the same rented apartment with Mustaine and present as founding member of Megadeth. Greg then returned to Minnesota and his story ended there. Greg then formed a band Kublai Khan but retired in late '80, now work as an attorney.

Kerry King - Mustaine then proceed to invite, or rather pursued, Kerry King to help the band. Kerry King already part of Slayer. Kerry played a few live show and then the history then finished there as Kerry return to Slayer. Kerry was reported saw Dave playing with Metallica and greatly admired that. Dave Ellefson also stated that Kerry is a natural fit to Dave because he fundamentally know the riff. Although there were feud between Mustaine, but in 2000s where Megadeth and Slayer join in Big Four concert, both guitarist become business colleague again. 

Five guitarist shred in the history of Megadeth and recorded an album.

Chris Poland - served as Megadeth guitarist in Peace Sells and Killing is My Business....from 1984 to 1987. Chris defined the earlier sound of Megadeth. Dave Mustaine praised Chris as a rich player and his jazzy influence. Chris are the only Megadeth guitarist who return to help Mustaine after his departure from Megadeth. Chris Poland helped Megadeth again in 2004 and recorded all solo on the album The System Has Failed.

Jeff Young - Chris was out and Jeff Young fill in in 1987 to 1989. Dave Mustaine impressed with Jeff Young skill who transcribed all Chris Poland's part within half hour, and dismissed the guitarist he actually hired at that time in favor to Jeff Young. Jeff later recorded So Far So Good So What? In 2009 Jeff Young for first time posted online about Megadeth. He rebute what Dave Mustaine reportedly told on how Jeff's solo was created. 

Marty Friedman - The pinnacle success of Megadeth and stayed with Mustaine for ten years 1989 to 2000. Marty Friedman was in his solo career previously and as duet guitarist with Jason Becker in Cacophony. Marty was already a rising star with his Dragon Kiss solo album. He auditioned for Dave and accepted. The only drama was Dave didn't like Marty's hair style and decided to transform Marty into more thrash looking guy.

Following Megadeth success in 1990s , Megadeth later distracted from thrash metal and went into obscure album Risk. On this point, Marty Friedman already felt in love with his new age / Japanese influence style and retreat from Megadeth. After this point, Marty was never again in thrash scene and produce more experimental solo instrumental album.

Al Pitrelli - Come in as replacement was Allan Pitrelli. Al who already technically high skill player of Savatage and Trans Atlantic Orchestra come in as rescue. Al Pitrelli help Mustaine recorded The World Needs A Hero. Al Pitrelli interpret of previous Megadeth catalog are recorded well in Rude Awakening live album and DVD. The report said Al Pitrelli was hired to play live and only got 15 minutes notice. Al perhaps the only guitarist not got "fired" because Megadeth later disbanded on his era.

Glen Drover - Glen Drover was then replace Al Pitrelli in 2004 until 2008. He was join with drummer Shawn Drover. Glen previously a King Diamond guitarist. In 2008 Glen retreated from the band to focus on family. Glen later recorded a solo album in 2011, Metalusion. He recorded United Abominations with Megadeth.

Chris Broderick - Highly skill guitarist, Chris Broderick later join Megadeth. He serve Megadeth from 2008 till today. Dave Mustaine was very happy with his "founding" and compare to Ozzy met Randy Rhoads. Chris portfolio was with Jag Panzer and Nevermore. His contribution defined Megadeth most shredding tune in Endgame and Th1rt3en album.

Then there are guitar players that crossed path with Megadeth. Imagine what will happen if history are replace by this event:

Lee Altus - from Heathen band. He was considered as replacement of Jeff Young but declined due to Megadeth high drug situation on that time. Lee is still active today, his portfolio included served as member of Exodus.

Eric Meyer - He, along Lee Altus, was once reported to auditioned for Jeff Young departure. Eric Meyer didn't join Megadeth but stay with his band Dark Angel. In the interview Eric Meyer once admitted he was not in comfortable feeling to join Megadeth. In this interview Jim Durkan and Eric Meyer also state they were once asked by Mustaine to help Megadeth in pre Chris Poland year.

Dimebag_Darrell - In this time Mustaine also talked to Dimebag Darrel. Dimebag was ready to join with only one cause, if he could bring along brother Vinnie Darrel as drummer. The history didn't went that way because Megadeth already hired Nick Menza. If Dimebag ever join Megadeth we probably never see Pantera and Rust in Peace will be different story to now. Even Mustaine exclaimed the imagination of "Dave, Junior (Ellefson), Dimebag and Vinnie doing together is Richer scale high"

Jeff Loomis - Another child prodigy came in Megadeth jamming room in Jeff Young audition era. Jeff was jamming together Mustaine "Wake Up Dead", "The Conjuring" and "In My Darkest Hour". After the jam Mustaine kindly told Jeff he was way too young to join Megadeth and praise Jeff's playing "you will be a good player in the future". Jeff Loomis later part of progressive metal act Nevermore. He was 16 in this story.

Jeff Waters - Of Annihilator fame. Jeff told a story that Mustaine once approched him to join in as Jeff Young replacement. But Jeff already leader in Annihilator and decline the offer. If ever happen Jeff Waters in  Megadeth we will not see Annihilator album Set the World in Fire and so on. Mustaine witnessed that he like Never, Neverland album. A Youtube video on Jeff Waters recalled the situation is available.

Slash - Would you imagine Slash join Megadeth in 1989 and we never got Use Your Illusion? There was actually a percentage of that happening because he was offered the job back then. Dave and Slash somehow developing a nice relationship. When Dave release "Endgame" Slash openly praise the album and Dave return the words by saying it was a honor Slash to like it.

So, that's all I can compiled here. I am sure there are plenty awesome guitarist to crossed path with Megadeth but can't have the valid online resource, if you happen to know interesting story on this topic just put in the comments.

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