Dreamscape - Everlight 2012

Dreamscape is a progressive metal band from Munich, Germany. (source: Wikipedia... lol). Ok, I know little about this band but their coming up album is a good one. Dreamscape Everlight is by comparison something like Dream Theater on their Six Degree era combine with Ayreon outer space atmosphere. What good in Dreamscape is their diligent song writing. Each of songs on this album are carefully written. This also make the album somewhat a serious work that need to carefully listen a few more spin. Their opening track Final Dawn, an instrumental is an ambient overture, seriously taking us to the first progressive metal song we got here, Restless. This followed by Led Astray are dark feeling atmosphere.

Keep holding on your breath because up until the exhausting A Matter of Time Transforming, the band keep pushing the edge of their musicability. Tons of shreds of guitar and keyboards to prove they need more world attention. Things only got more relax and a changing of atmosphere from One, where they explore more into the light side of music. The Calm Before the Storm is the ice breaking instrumental there.

This album packaged with bags of new progressive tricks. Surely a new progressive material that can stand high until the end of 2012.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Dreamscape - Everlight 2012
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01. Final Dawn
02. Restless
03. Led Astray
04. Fortune and Fate
05. The Violet Flame Forever
06. A Matter of Time Transforming
07. One
08. The Calm Before the Storm
09. Refugium in Db-Major
10. A Mental Journey
11. Breathing Spaces
12. Everlight

Francesco Marino - vocals
David Bertok - keyboards
Wolfgang Kerinnis - guitar
Danilo Batdorf - drums
Ralf Schwager - bass
Arno Menses - guest vocals
Erik "Ez" Blomkvist - guest vocals
Herbie Langhans - guest vocals
Dilenya Mar - guest vocals
Mike DiMeo - guest vocals
Nando Fernandez - guest vocals
Oliver Hartmann - guest vocals
Roland Stoll - guest vocals

Dreamscape Cover Art and Design for Everlight Album

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