Medius Burns Going Down 2012

I was researching about Medius, a young metalcore / groove metal band from San Diego. Their social network campaign has reaching me and that’s how I ended up spinning their music. Their build up image are great so far and site is informative.

Having less listen to the genre, my lucky experience was with '90s Pantera, and this album sounding quickly remind me of them. The first song Abscess started with more thrashy riff, but soon the vocal dictate their metal orientation. Fans of Biohazard or Lamb of God will also welcome this menu. Big Stick is the second offering, a heavier and more death metal feel keep coming. Filicide start with rather heavy metal in a second but then switch more Pantera-ish this time. All good menu so far till In Visions ushered in the next track, Neo Surgery, a fast and even brutal piece to take. Spine is also need to mentioned for its interesting slightly complex intro and groove.

Then the whole album is basically a completed metal experience what we needed. The genre’s elements, groove, thrash and metal core, best represented on this debut album with bit of spice here and there. Colourful guitar work and mostly a great vocal introduced here. For fans of Pantera, Biohazard and Lamb of God, this is a great album to be recognize by this great newcomer.

Medius Burns Going Down 2012

01. Abscess 03:38
02. Big Stick 04:27
03. Filicide 04:54
04. In Visions 00:58
05. Neurosurgery 03:38
06. Outthrust 03:38
07. Spine 04:25
08. War Cry 02:51
09. Wrecking Crew 04:36
10. The Way 02:51

Spencer Blair - vocals
Trevor "Natty" Blair - guitars
Mike Cook - bass
Chris Dunlea - drums

Medius official banner and album cover art design

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