Moonspell Alpha Noir / Omega White (2012)

Moonspell just put in another spell to eclipse our day with extreme music this week. Not very familiar with their works except "Eternal Night", I dig into their latest album, Alpha Noir and Omega White. I have read elsewhere that this album yet another awesome release from them. On first spin I have to agree to some, but this album is so much to tell rather than just "awesome".

This album, especially the first disc, Alpha Noir, is under the microscope made up of several styles. They are build on Gothic Metal feeling, but then the music free to switch between, mostly a metalcore or even punk rock style of drumming. Yet their patent feature are the Black Metal growling vocal. The vocal is another story here since it's can all of sudden switch to the bariton Gothic metal, even at the moment you slightest expected.

Their opening track Axis Mundi is actually a very strong teaser, with blackened death metal voice that work the best on the spot. The second song come in at the same speed but more groovy, Lickanthrope is like Pantera in his slower tempo and Gothic keyboard layering. Versus is also very mind blowing here, the vocal entry directly in a punk beat, just a second of it. Then the title song hit the nail. Alpha Noir start as clock ticking guitar riff then snorkeling deep into dark gothic and metal composition. This is also the second song that feature a breaking in bariton clean vocal. After the few spin this feature will be smoothly come in, imagine when you are on roller coaster you will need that "slow motion" ala Matrix moment.

And that's basically high note son this album, the rest of Alpha Noir serve more as a continuation. The closing instrumental track Sine Missione is rather unnecessary. For the second disc, Omega White it contained mostly the slower song with clean voice singing and closer to Gothic atmosphere. On the first half the album still interesting but then it is just fair that this addition is to served as semi B side album here.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Moonspell Alpha Noir / Omega White 2012
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Disc I [Alpha Noir]
01. Axis Mundi
02. Lickanthrope
03. Versus
04. Alpha Noir
05. Em Nome Do Medo
06. Opera Carne
07. Love Is Blasphemy
08. Grand Stand
09. Sine Missione

Disc II [Omega White]
01. White Omega
02. White Skies
03. Fireseason
04. New Tears Eve
05. Herodisiac
06. Incantatrix
07. Sacrificial
08. A Greater Darkness

Fernando Ribeiro - vocals
Pedro Paix√£o - keyboards, guitars
Ricardo Amorim - guitars
Mike Gaspar - drums
Aires Pereira - bass

Moonspell double album art Alpha Noir and Omega White artwork

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