Xandria Neverworld's Ends 2012

Germany Gothic/Symphonic Metal band Xandria is finally back with a new album "Neverworld's Ends". This album marked the first debut of new singer Manuella Kraller. Just like any other female fronted band, a change in singer does mean a lot. Xandria's success with ex singer Lisa Middlehouve is now facing new challenge with new singer. The challenge was well accepted.

The album starts with track A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall,  a symphonic intro continued with up tempo song. Manuella entered perfectly on this song. Her voice is full and overwhelming sopranic, for a second, really mimic what Tarja did in Nightwish. Valentine is the second track and even more Nightwish-ian here, all completely with bombastic symphonic accompaniment.  Forevermore perhaps come too early as a piano ballad soprano track, as we haven't have enough metal track to wake us from the Nightwish dejavu. Luckily, Euphoria back in the track with metal spirit.

Again, Blood on My Hands is an excellent vocal orientated metal track, followed by heavier Soulcrusher. The Dream still Alive is leaning into folky tune similar to Call Of The Wind and A Thousand Letters, and rest of the album.

Overall, the album is a surprise comeback for Xandria. The songs are bit generic and resembling early Nightwish and Tarja era. But, again the feeling of symphonic and gothic is fully achieved here. I enjoy the album with all the epic feel inside them, and I urge everyone to try this Nightwish experience in the form of Xandria.

Xandria - Neverworld's End 2012
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 A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall
02. Valentine
03. Forevermore
04. Euphoria
05. Blood On My Hands
06. Soulcrusher
07. The Dream is still Alive
08. The Lost Elysion
09. Call Of The Wind
10. A Thousand letters
11. Cursed
12. The Nomad's Crown
13. When the Mirror Cracks [Limited digipak bonus]

Xandria Graphic design and cover art


Manuela Kraller - vocals
Marco Heubaum - guitar, keyboard
Philip Restemeier - guitar
Gerit - drums
Nils Middelhauve - bass guitar

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