Freedom Call Land of The Crimson Dawn 2012

Germany power metal band Freedom Call is back again with their latest release Land Of The Crimson Dawn. The last decade of 2000 saw Freedom Call emerged as one of leading metal act in Germany and Europe. Their  style put a new pseudo genre called Flower Metal / Happy Metal. Their last two albums "Dimensions" and "Legend of the Shadow King" are a consistent works full of melodic metal songs.

So how Freedom Call going to face a new challenge for his first 2010s releases. Well, they simply continue doing what it is right. The first track on this album, Age of The Phoenix is rather unusual for Freedom Call standard. No bombastic symphonic opening but immediately a chorus line. Only few second we are convince that Freedom Call is back, welcome to the Age of The Phoenix.

Rockstar is a try to mix FC metal with hard rock spirit and roughness. Crimson Dawn is already a track on FC familiar territory. Sun in the Dark is trying a bit darker sound and most unusual FC song in the middle track.  Similar to Rockstar, Hero On Video and Rocking Radio again a hard rockish with chorus sung happily. Epic intro still exist and represented in track Killer Gear. And the rest tracks are quite diverse from epic intro to rock n roll feel. There is also bonus disc contains cover track by various bands.

Land of The Crimson Dawn is for faithful Freedom Call fans. The safe continuation from Dimensions and LotSK. Partial of the album see FC play into more hardrock feel beat. This album will still keep you up with all their choruses.

Freedom Call - Land of the Crimson Dawn 2012
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Disc I
01. Age Of The Phoenix
02. Rockstars
03. Crimson Dawn
04. 66 Warriors
05. Back Into The Land Of Light
06. Sun In The Dark
07. Hero On Video
08. Valley Of Kingdom
09. Killer Gear
10. Rockin' Radio
11. Terra Liberty
12. Eternity
13. Space Legends
14. Power & Glory

Disc II [digipack exclusive]
01. Flame In The Night [performed by Powerworld]
02. Hunting High And Low [performed by Downspirit]
03. Fairyland [performed by Secret Sphere]
04. Palace Of Fantasy [performed by Manimal]
05. Land Of Light [performed by Neonfly]
06. Warriors [performed by Hannes Braun]

    Chris Bay - Vocals & Guitar (1998–present)
    Lars Rettkowitz - Guitar (2005–present)
    Samy Saemann - Bass (2009–present)
    Klaus Sperling - Drums (2010–present)

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