Amberian Dawn - Circus Black 2012

Just week after Xandria's excellent Neverworld's End, here comes Amberian Dawn with Circus Black. The album cover already suggested the excitement. And yet the album cover is yet another "circus", another "imaginaerum" "neverworld". Would this be the new theme for female gothic / symphonic metal nowdays?

Circus Black started with vengeance guitar intro. The familiar orchestration elements are reduced, replaced by more brutal double pedal drumming. Second track Cold Kiss is most interesting with Timo Kotipelko join as guest vocalist. Third track Crimson Flower, we spoiled by Jens Johansen join keyboard shred solo. The first orchestration orientated track only found on the next fourth track, Charnell's Ball.

Amberian Dawn singer Heidi Parviainen sung with operatic consistent. If we remove the metal accompaniment the song will made great aria-like song by itself. Excellent guitar and keyboard solo all over the album, as demonstrated in instrumental track The Rivalry Between Good and Evil.

Compare to previous Amberian Dawn album End of Eden which more power metal nuance, Circus Black comes with more diverse music and theme. Great release to please us all.

Amberian Dawn - Circus Black 2012
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01. Circus Black
02. Cold Kiss [feat. Timo Kotipelto]
03. Crimson Flower [feat. Jens Johansson]
04. Charnel's Ball
05. Fight
06. Letter
07. I Share With You This Dream
08. Rivalry Between Good And Evil
09. Guardian
10. Lily Of The Moon

    Heidi Parviainen - Vocals
    Tuomas Seppälä - Keyboards, Guitar
    Kasperi Heikkinen - Guitar
    Kimmo Korhonen - Guitar
    Jukka Koskinen - Bass
    Heikki Saari - Drums and percussion

Amberian Dawn Cover ARt and Graphical Design in Circus theme

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