Pharaoh Bury The Light (2012)

Pharaoh Bury The Light Album Review

I’ve decided to take a look on the new album of Pharaoh, Bury The Light. The band is not familiar to me, they happens to be a Power Metal force from America. Through the internet, the album received high and positive reviews. So not to let myself not knowing this I grabbed a copy of them.

There sure exist positive music on this album. Bury the Light is a straight forward metal works with much intrigue guitar and melodic song. The first notable is the missing of orchestra parts ala European power metal. Great let’s see how this can be their positive strength. This mean the using of more traditional guitar part combine with bass line, that most of the time put in front out of guitar, instead of just in the background. Example are straight forward intro in the first track Leave Me Here to Dream.

Secondly, the brutality level is higher without orchestration. And Darker feeling. This mean sound ala Judas Priest earlier year through Iron Maiden’s Killer era is something close to described Pharaoh achievement on this album. The vocalist is notable for his voice in the most high pitch screaming and added more brutal to each songs.

More traditional power metal tracks recommended is Burn With Me. Castle in the Sky is perhaps their most effort for trying to get their song a nice chorus. The Years of Blizzard is ’70 metal riff intended and mixed with many feel over its seven minutes composition. But overall, each songs on the album is flat high quality.

I’m not going to write the same with other album reviewers and critics, who highly praised the album. You need to listen to them and judge yourself. To me, Bury The Light need more work on listening, to grab their details, otherwise the album will be just the same power metal album. As mentioned, no notable moment in the album that can get your attention immediately. Bury the Light is a traditional power metal without its cosmetic orchestration. Many reviewer has deep knowledge on their previous three albums (Bury the Light is their forth), and claimed a nice positive progression on each album. But for first time listener to Pharaoh music, the missing of this knowledge maybe a big factor to appreciated this album alone.

I am glad such band as talented as Pharaoh exist and recommended them to every reader on this blog. One more thing… the band need a Wikipedia article they deserved.

Pharaoh - Bury The Light 2012

01. Leave Me Here To Dream
02. The Wolves
03. Castles In The Sky
04. The Year Of The Blizzard
05. The Spider's Thread
06. Cry
07. Graveyard Of Empires
08. Burn With Me
09. In Your Hands

Line-up -
Tim Aymar - vocals
Matt Johnsen - guitar
Chris Black - drums
Chris Kerns - bass

Guest musicians
Mike Wead - guitar solo
Jim Dofka - guitar solo

Pharaoh Bury The Light - Art Design

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