3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal 2012

Even after 40 years of heavy metal invented by Black Sabbath, there still enough signs that this genre not going to die soon. Evidence of this is how an album with “Metal” word keep appearing on scenes. Months ago was Hysterica with The Art Of Metal and then week ago Blaze Bayley with The King Of Metal. Totally unknown to me was band called 3 Inches of Blood who put in another brave album called Long Live Heavy Metal.

Not only the title album was brave, but the commodity inside are far awesome to be missed. Just like Anvil and Annihilator , 3 Inches of Blood happens to be a Canadian band. Which another examples of how Canadian potential in keeping traditional heavy metal alive on earth. The reviewer many said they are New Wave of British Heavy Metal genre, the genre that belong to the best metal act on Earth, Iron Maiden.

The first three tracks of the album, confirmed the potential keep inside this band. Traditional vocal screaming, awesome dual guitar attacks and fast songs , this is yet another Judas Priest reincarnation in the 2012 year.  This interrupted a bit by new age-ish folk metal Chief and the Blade before the storm multiple again the song Dark Messenger. The singer Cam Pipes is supported by guitarist Justin Hagberg who doing the death metal part.

During its 52 minutes Long Live Heavy Metal demonstrated neat heavy metal act. Their unique because some of the songs incorporated elements of death metal and folk metal nicely to its British Heavy Metal background. If you are looking for yet another catchy riff, catchy metal, this album will very less disappointed you.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal 2012
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1. "Metal Woman"   4:48
2. "My Sword Will Not Sleep"   4:37
3. "Leather Lord"   3:57
4. "Chief And The Blade"   2:27
5. "Dark Messenger"   4:07
6. "Look Out"   5:29
7. "4000 Torches"   4:16
8. "Leave It On The Ice"   3:34
9. "Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)"   4:03
10. "Storming Juno"   4:24
11. "Men Of Fortune"   7:35
12. "One For The Ditch"   3:31

    Cam Pipes - vocals
    Shane Clark - guitar, vocals
    Justin Hagberg - guitars
    Ash Pearson - drums
    Byron Stroud - bass

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