Primal Fear Unbreakable (2012)

Primal Fear  Unbreakable 2012 Album Review

Primal Fear existence is "only" 15 years old to date. For those who not very familiar with Primal Fear, the band history was started by vocalist Ralf Scheepers and Mat Sinner (bassist ex Sinner). The duo formed a band after Scheepers slightly lost the spot on Judas Priest after Halford departure at 1997. With this already strong formation, Primal Fear gained success with 8 albums, before this month releases Unbreakable.

Despite being know about the band history, shamelessly, surprisingly, this is the first primal fear experience I had. In a first couple of runs, the band convinced me that they are a faithful defender of pure power metal to date. Strike kick off soon after a prelude instrumental. The chorus, Strike... and take no prisoner, reminds me of Megadeth's of the same chorus lyric. While the song remind me of Helloween. Give Em Hell, is another incarnation of fifth notes guitar riff. Then there is a catchy, epic feel And There Were Silence, of very Helloween-ish guitar double harmony and double pedal drum. If you imagine Derris singing, this should be a kick ass Helloween tracks, but sorry this is Primal Fear. If you haven't got close enough, listen to Marching Again.

Duo guitarist of Magnus Karlsson (Allen/Lande) and Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force, Sinner) provide the backbone of each tracks. Best solos perhaps on track Marching Again.

The other highlight track is Unbreakable (Part 2), perhaps the highest moment of the album with its epic anthem. The album finished with couple of melodic power metal tracks. Solid album, very familiar tunes and album Unbreakable will prove you power metal still awesome up till this very minutes.

Primal Fear Unbreakable 2012
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1.Unbreakable (Part 1)
3.Give 'Em Hell
4.Bad Guys Wear Black
5.And There Was Silence
6.Metal Nation
7.Where Angels Die
8.Unbreakable (Part 2)
9.Marching Again
10.Born Again
11.Blaze Of Glory
13.Night Of The Jumps

Primal Fear Unbreakable
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