Blaze Bayley The King of Metal 2012

Blaze Bayley, however, already permanently recorded in the history of metal. For those who never listened any Wolfsbane and his other solo project, this new solo album will give you many nostalgic moments. Can't denied, Iron Maiden 90s era filled with his voices. This album gives me that nostalgic X-Factors era. Coincidentally or not, just by his voice, some of the album sounds close to Iron Maiden as well. Fighter , a track in the middle of the album represented this, that repetitive melodic riff.

The title track King of Metal was chosen by fans, in fact Blaze has asked fans to choose/guess the title of all songs here. Surely the fans appreciated a lot by fix on that title. But you can really listen to the struggling here. If not because of the vocal, this track will very hard get recognized. Thinks got listen worsen in Dimebag, the ballad metal as soon as the second track. Agony and pain are painted on this. Luckily its follow by The Black County that recovered the album to metal again. The Rainbow Fade to Black tries to be little happy, but things is Blaze vocal not exactly the best for that.

Following Fate, is very Virtual X-esque vibe, and maybe one of interesting song in the middle. Good thing is there is also piano ballad One More Step that show different faces of Blaze's vocal, which is a nice one.

There is sure some miss and hit on the album. This is an humble comeback from Blaze. The band is not very knowable, Thomas Zwijsen on guitar and helped developing the song composition. Fans of Iron Maiden will need to catch this as souvenir of Blaze's legacy. Surely he can't escape his fate to being connected to his former super band. This is an overall a heavy metal album by Blaze Bayley.

Blaze Bayley - The King of Metal 2012
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  1. The King of Metal
  2. Dimebag
  3. The Black Country
  4. The Rainbow Fades to Black
  5. Fate
  6. One More Step
  7. Fighter
  8. Judge Me
  9. Difficult
  10. Beginning
    Blaze Bayley – vocals
    Thomas Zwijsen – guitar
    Andrea Neri – guitar
    Lehmann (Matteo Grazzini) – bass
    Claudio Tirincanti – drums

Cover and design art for Blaze Bayley

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