Hysterica - The Art Of Metal 2012

Hysterica – The Art of Metal Review

Couple years ago, in 2005, couple of ladies from Stockholm successfully banded an all female band. Quite successfully they are not mean to entertained metal fans with their “gender” specialty but the music was as good either.  As a promoter of female force in metal I am bounded with  burden to expose this band.

The Art of Metal comprise of ten heavy metal tracks.  The band music can be illustrated from Gamma Ray to anthemic  choruses of Hammerfall. The good news here is, they are not on the track of another gothic/symphonic metal, but this is rather than a heavy and power metal album.

The singer, Anni De Vil is spiritful and fresh. The growling (but softer) , as in second track Fighters of the Century, is actually need to be enjoy rather than criticized. Opener Breaking The Walls is a simple bringing guitar riff and sings formula. Live Or Die is perhaps the only close to gothic song, where the usage of female singer is needed. Spirit Of The Age is again another tasty heavy metal to follow. Other songs mostly went clean and the female vocal (part that most criticized in female metal band) less become a problem to their excellent music. Mean that if we substitute the female vocal with standard male singer, there should be less different there. There sure a sign of immature and fresh energy on their second album here. But I love to enjoy the band yet unspoiled ideas.

Guitar works also great, perhaps Marydeath is one of our time talented female guitarist around. All songs full with headbanging guitar riff and chops. The solo however, is not for you who looking for Alexei Laiho wizardry blitz, rather than a melodic approach, yet some of the licks went above technical difficulty. Hysterica deserved their chances to be listened by all metal fans . The album is solid entertaining. Although their marketing strategy comes with unnecessary band sex fronted images , you will surprise with the level of this album.

Hysterica The Art Of Metal 2012

01. Breaking The Walls
02. Fighters Of The Century
03. Live Or Die
04. Spirit Of The Age
05. Message
06. Fear Of The Light
07. Force Of Metal
08. Heels Of Steel
09. Hysterica
10. Daughters Of The Night

Anni De Vil - vocals
Marydeath - keyboards
Bitchie - guitar
Hell'n - drums
Satanica - bass guitar

Hysterica photos and graphic design. On album Art of Metal 2012, Hysterica asked the fans to design an artwork base on each of their song. Wallpaper and art works can be found on their URL www.hysterica.se 

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