Anvil - Juggernaut of Justice 2011

Anvil – Juggernaut of Justice 2011

Just like any other inhabitants of Earth, I had completely forget about a band Anvil. I said forgot because in the early of 90s, his song Infanticide from the album Worth the Weight was one of metal song that impressed me a lot. That was already ten years after their classic release Metal On Metal on 1982.

Just week ago while surfing at Metalstorm.com, somebody mentioned Anvil and quick I browse the name to find out what happen to this awesome band they was. To my surprise the world seems suffered the same Alzheimer with me and it need a slap in the face movie “Anvil: The Story…” to give a wakeup call about this forgotten band.

Juggernaut of Justice is their 14th album, released last year May 2011. Yes, even with eyes close tight to the metal scene this album still over my radar. But actually Lips and Rob’s exile day have long passed due to Sascha Gervasi’s handycam movie Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Their This Is Thirteen was their egg breaking. I kind of shock how could recording like Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner not on their luck with that album.

Thing got improved on Juggernaut of Justice. It was recording in Dave Grohl’s award winning studio. Juggernaut of Justice opener is just a simple I want to do metal business. Guitar starts screaming as wild ever and the drumming, the drumming is another hidden treasure of heavy metal. Rob is one of fastest kick without any recognition from the industry, he is the true underrated drummer.

OF twelve songs in the standard edition, ten stick to Anvil world. Limited creativity yes, but this compilation of songs are for those who only want to listen to heavy metal. No bullshit about fearing to lost chop to younger generation, Lips and Rob together with bassist G5 , just enjoy their music the same as twenty years ago.

Only two songs needed to break away their ritual. The last two song Paranormal is a Black Sabbathian tempo cameo song. And Swing Thing is the swing thing instrumental, the best we-are-not-even-serious way to close this chapter.

Despite the moon of luck already on their head, this album still show the incredible stay true to yourself and stay true to metal spirit. Perhaps real gone now the monumental song of Metal On Metal or proggie achievement in Infanticide, but Juggernaut of Justice is still  metal’s best keep secret with Anvil. You will not believe yourself if the guys behind this record need to gone the lowest obscurity years ago.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Anvil - Juggernaut of Justice
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1.  Juggernaut of Justice
2.  When Hell Breaks Loose
3.  New Orleans Voodoo
4.  On Fire
5.  FuckenEh!
6.  Turn It Up
7.   This Ride
8. Not Afraid
9. Conspiracy
10. Running
11. Paranormal
12. Swing Thing

 Bonus tracks
13. The Station
14. Tonight Is Coming
15. What I Want To Be (iTunes/Japanese CD bonus track)

    Lips - Vocals & Guitar
    Robb Reiner - Drums
    Glenn Five - Bass

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