Overkill The Electric Age 2012

Here comes another surprise from the old band. Overkill is/was famous thrash metal from the 80s, and , again, less expectation that old horse will still need to work hard on their 2012 century album. But, here the album completely beyond the threshold. As the title, The Electric Age wants to tells how Overkill going to thrash you in this age.

The album starts bland simple with Come and Get It, the simple riff intro wants to tell let's start this f@@cking album as quick as you can. Bobby Blitz Ellsworth still the same voice as in the last decades. Here what it's high point, the vocal is as blitz as ever. Some of the melodic line represented the era very much, some of reminiscence of Metal Church's The Dark era. Which is one of my favorite classic. As well, the trail of punk style still detectable.

Electric Rattlesnake is somehow just continued the first start with little differences. Wish You Were Dead is an uphill again with its yet another very classic tunes. No hurry to overjoy yourself comes Black Daze quickly fill in another high point. We should mentioned Drop the Hammer Down, the title song that already give you how the choruses need to be sung. Of ten tracks, all doing very consistent and with high workmanship of classic thrash metal hits, only last track is a little anomaly, Good Night is an one minute clean guitar ballad that close the album with a bang. Production wise the album is masterfully mixed. The drum tunes sounds very well as thunder inside a heartbeat. Guitar works by Dave Linsk and Derek The Skull Tailer work harmonically with D.D.Verni bass.

The Electric Age is one of best album releases so far in 2012, very little to complain here. And while other veteran bands put out an album to prolonged their breath, The Electric Age will serves as one of the band's best release.

Metal Harem class: ******** 8 stars out of 10

Overkill The Electric Age 2012
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01. Come And Get It
02. Electric Rattlesnake
03. Wish You Were Dead
04. Black Daze
05. Save Yourself
06. Drop The Hammer
07. 21st Century Man
08. Old Wounds New Scars
09. All Over But The Shouting
10. Good Night

  • Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Lead vocals
  • Dave Linsk - Lead guitar, Backing vocals
  • Derek "The Skull" Tailer - Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals
  • D.D. Verni - Bass, Backing vocals
  • Ron Lipnicki - Drums

Overkill Cover Album art

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