Megadeth - Super Collider (2013)

The generation of '80s metal bands we knew usually already passed their 'experimental' period and survived through our year 2013. For example, Metallica with  Loud - ReLoud - St Anger, Helloween with Chameleon, even Iron Maiden with Virtual IX kind of things. Megadeth, the common understanding is, their 'period' was in Cryptic Writings - Risk and The World Needs A Hero way back ten years ago. Yet, Megadeth looks like going to have their '2nd period' soon. Super Collider is their 2013 album, the 14th studio album so far, and yet another turn of musical changes. Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover are well preserved from the last studio album, and this make a trivia entry in Wikipedia as the "second album not to feature a lineup change from the preceding album, since Cryptic Writings". Oh, do you see the pattern? We need Megadeth to changed to avoid this 'period', gentlemen!

Ok, that first paragraph was actually based on previewed track prior to Super Collider released. After get the full album, there is actually good news around. Well folks, majority of the album still falls into that experimenta' things. Kingmaker is surely one of them, this opener is nowhere intense as the four previous albums opening. Kingmaker is safe and sound riffs with Dave gone melodic singing, rather than murmuring a pretext of war or injustice around the world. Still the song is entirely has Megadeth identity, feel like in the end of Youthanasia era, and actually this potential as hit for another few years in live setting. Super Collider is what we face palm-ing when we got the preview month ago. The song started with bluesy riffs and there Dave Mustaine lead the team performing in hard rock style, right in the second song of the album. Be patience, because the next Burn! is something a relief, after burning guitar licks in the intro we are back on the Megadeth tracks. Burn! is something more fit into 2000s Megadeth sounds. Still, yet still, the song is 50% blues thrash metal! If you manage to get the fourth track, Built For War, then the patience is somewhat paid off. Yes, this is what we, loyal fans, looking for. The thrash metal with Dave singing about war. Built For War see Dave sing with extra screams, things he seem rarely need to with previous Megadeth songs writing. Smile and let's continue. Off The Edge is Risk - influence track. Dance In The Rain is something interesting to be fair. The Dave speaking track is a welcome one, the song developed into nice dark and sad chorus. Then there is the ending improvisation that make the song not so easy to play by amateur. The Beginning Of Sorrow is alternative / grunge feel at the very first few second of intro. This is part of experimental tracks to take cautioned with. As weird as the next follow up, The Blackest Crow all the way with mandolin intro. Forget To Remember is a better melodic intro leading tunes. It is hard rock feel again. And do you hear David Draiman backing voices? One of new feature in this album that rare happened before. Don't Turn Your Back.. is trivial Gary Moore lick blended into double pedals beat. Cold Sweat is Thin Lizzy cover, again Wikipedia noted this as the trivial case where only happened back in So Far So Good era where Megadeth included cover song in main track list of album. In the limited edition, All I Want is one good bonus track with heavier riffs, sounds more fury in the song as what Dave should be. A House Divided on other hand is begin with a strange 'cowboy' minor intro brasses. The verses are done in mid tempo beat but then the chorus is heated up and gone slightly faster then.

For sure this is where Megadeth trying out their new ideas, in official album. To be fair, the album is easy and  memorable for wider hard rock / metal listener. Letting off Megadeth thrash metal label in Super Collider will probably give this album more acceptable to fans, who patiently wait Dave and David to play thrash metal for sure. Not an easy public relationship for the band to his loyal fans for now. Even where the band's keep a good contact with fans via social sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, something need to be praise for such great band. Some direct cry out is unavoidable and hopefully the band take a note on this reaction. Super Collider is where Megadeth trying new water, less heavier, but awesome guitar works are still there, interesting songs are exists, Dave Mustaine singing in his trade mark voices are still to be found. Counted this as 'bonus' CD, let's just enjoy it.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Megadeth Super Collider 2013

01. Kingmaker
02. Super Collider
03. Burn!
04. Built For War
05. Off The Edge
06. Dance In The Rain
07. The Beginning Of Sorrow
08. The Blackest Crow
09. Forget To Remember
10. Don't Turn Your Back...
11. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover)

Japanese / Best Buy / other bonus tracks
12. All I Want
13. A House Divided
14. Countdown to Extinction (live)
15. Symphony of Destruction (live)

Dave Mustaine – lead vocals, lead, rhythm, acoustic and slide guitars
Chris Broderick – lead, rhythm, acoustic guitars and backing vocals
David Ellefson – bass guitar and backing vocals
Shawn Drover – drums, percussion

Bob Findley
David Draiman – vocals on "Forget to Remember" and "Dance in the Rain"

Megadeth Super Collider album artwork and review

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