Children Of Bodom Halo Of Blood 2013

Of course I am fans of Children of Bodom in their power metal era. Follow the Reaper was seems like the ultimate blend between the two genres, power and death, which I pretty much favor the first one. As Alexi Laiho leading his band into more extreme / death and lessen much his 'power' elements, I was disappointing. This is not because the music afterward are lesser good, this is just a matter of taste. There just too many extreme death metal bands around that Children of Bodom just lessen his uniqueness. But who to blame, music is all about finding new journey and it is understandable for CoB to get into the direction they wanted. In all, the music after Blooddrunk album still on surface can identified with CoB sounds. Halo of Blood is  our latest package now, released in June 2013, the album is surprisingly tune down most of its 'modern' groove and suddenly sounds like European again.

Waste of Skin is the good way to marriage these two monsters. The intro is dictated by CoB modern riffing, but addition of melodic lick made these closer to earlier power metal concept. Second track is Halo of Blood, after some brutal drum intro this is a fast traditional death metal song. More melodic approach is in Scream For Silence. You want to listen something progressive then there is Bodom Blue Moon. Dead Man's Hand On You break in with slow acoustic music, deeper vocal then delved into heavy mellow ballad mood. All Twisted is a good filler with happy beat and familiar riff. Some words for One Bottle And Knee Deep, this is tasty catchy riff with elements of death metal dominated. Finally a bonus track is Japan's Loudness cover song, Crazy Night. Now this is a good cover for those who into Loudness, the theme and music of Crazy Night fit well to ended this album.

Solid album. Children of Bodom doesn't repeated their last Relentess Reckless Forever sounds, but rather made another turn of point. Halo of Blood can be that left hand crossing road where Blooddrunk is the straight path. It's sounds easier to listen, no neo-classical keyboard and guitar sweep battle for the sake of old times. Keyboards solos that making the third shred guy after the duo world rec-knowledge Laiho + Latvala is still amazing. Another interesting creation from Children of Bodom to listen in summer.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Children Of Bodom - Halo Of Blood 2013 
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1. Waste Of Skin
2. Halo Of Blood
3. Scream For Silence
4. Transference
5. Bodom Blue Moon
6. The Days Are Numbered
7. Dead Man’s Hand On You
8. Damaged Beyond Repair
9. All Twisted
10. One Bottle And Knee Deep
11. Crazy Night (Loudness Cover)

Alexi Laiho – Guitars / Vocals
Jaska Raatikainen - Drums
Henkka Blacksmith - Bass
Janne Warman - Keyboards
Roope Latvala - Guitars
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Children of Bodom Halo of Blood album review

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