Stryper - No More Hell To Pay (2013)

To say the yellow and black jackets is back, is really starts to be a cliche lately. Stryper is having a lot of reborn and/or second coming currently. And surprise.., this is their new original studio album. After Stryper's album Murder By Pride in 2009, they take advantage of some old tunes and covers in The Covering and Second Coming, so No More Hell to Pay is finally their latest original works. Those who live well in the 1980s will understand, Stryper is part of the glam metal euphoria around that time. Strange, because when all other bands sing about lovely chick and/or wizards, Stryper was singing about, ehem, the Christ and the eternal Devil-threatening-human theme. The fact that all metal fans, believers or no, united to listen to Stryper summed up the final fact, Stryper's music is too good. So, with this boast of past glory, let's pay another attention Michael Sweet bros and friends.

No More Hell To Pay is an album full of exciting guitar riffs. It starts with Revelation, which is mid tempo anthem feel rock tune. Then No More Hell To Pay itself is the real riff with harmonious guitar duet between Oz and Michael. If you are using headphone this stereo featured can be feel in full effect. With this two songs, it is correct to say this album is just the right continuation from Murder By Pride, songs mostly stay the same. Moving to faster tempo is in Saved By Love. Heavier and represent more the '80s feel of Stryper, with Michael Sweet unleashed some of his best singing in the last couple of album. Jesus Is Just Alright is exactly what the title suggested, it's an alright heavy metal song with gospel-style singing combined. This song will make a right gospel choir if you taken off the guitar and drum parts, so it's quite a success hybrid. Other interesting tunes such as Legacy is another heavy tunes, sounds pretty much modern, meaning Stryper also responded to the latest trend in music. Marching Into Battle, sounds the opposite, very '80s , Queen's We Will Rock You drumming feel. Te Amo is another interesting melodic riffs, minor feel and potential favorite to power metal listener. Water Into Wine is a good theme for metal song, nice riffs and straight forward rock drumming. Sympathy is the last exciting riffs with also very good song writing and choruses, it's nice to see good song still there in the last part of the album.

Surprisingly no piano or guitar ballad as in any other previous albums, the slowest being The One. No More Hell To Pay comes as heavier, colorful guitar riffs orientated heavy metal album. Michael Sweet stated this album can be released in their height of '80s glory, which is not over statement. Surely the band still got their potential. If not that the music trend is changing by now, this album can be another highlight in the '80s glam metal scenes. Guitar solos are tasty with lots of  '80s tapping licks. The choice to include 'Hell' in their album title is indicating the band try to remind us to their past To Hell With The Devil, and I think it's highly reasonable for this album stand for it.

Metal Harem Class: ********** nine stars out of ten

Stryper - No More Hell To Pay (2013)

1. Revelation
2. No More Hell To Pay
3. Saved By Love
4. Jesus Is Just Alright
5. The One
6. Legacy
7. Marching Into Battle
8. Te Amo
9. Sticks & Stones
10. Water Into Wine
11. Sympathy
12. Renewed

Michael Sweet - Vocals, Guitars
Robert Sweet - Drums
Tim Gaines - Bass
Oz Fox - Lead Guitars

Styper No More Hell to Pay album reivew

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