Motorhead - Aftershock (2013)

Almost forty years in metal services, and this is their 21st studio album. Motörhead latest album, Aftershock, year 2013 is no exception to their others. A heavy metal tunes with memorable voices of Lemmy Kilmister. Not much different from any previous releases, except we might be not familiar with these ones, yet. The line up of Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee had been for twenty years, so not much important knowledge we haven't known about this trio.

Most of the song still remains as it was. Short and solid heavy metal tunes, starts from opener Heartbreaker and Coup De Grace. They represented the riff it and scream it, simple verses-chorus-solos-chorus structure of Motörhead trademark. To cut it from ever boring to listener, a blues style song was inserted, right in the third track, Lost Woman Blues. This repeated again in more rock n roll beat in the Do You Believe, which is a song with strong blues chops. In the between, End Of Time is a solid ultra fast riff madness, perfect for an imagery of a biker, a tattoo and sexy woman. The blues theme still continued on Dust And Glass, a mellow song and Lemmy sings with clean voices. Another good song for motor-riding experience is Going to Mexico, best to pump up the spirit on the road. Interesting groove theme song also appear in Silence When You Speak To Me. Hard to resist to comment the next song, Crying Shame is a vintage '80s sliding riff heavy metal tunes. If you like guitars, this album  serves as great showcase of early '80s distortion sounds, as showcase nicely in the song Knife. Few other songs that mostly stay the same in nature, and the album closed with Paralyzed, another high pace drumming to make it the last song.

It's a simple review and conclusion, Aftershock is enjoyable heavy metal album. I found nothing to worry about Motörhead performance within this album and surely will pass a recommendation to other metal friends. The guitar works are mostly great, vocals are legendary and drumming are beasty. Motörhead, gentlemen!

Metal Harem class: ********** nine stars out of ten

Motörhead Aftershock (2013)

1. Heartbreaker
2. Coup De Grace
3. Lost Woman Blues
4. End Of Time
5. Do You Believe
6. Death Machine
7. Dust And Glass
8. Going To Mexico
9. Silence When You Speak To Me
10. Crying Shame
11. Queen Of The Damned
12. Knife
13. Keep Your Powder Dry
14. Paralyzed

Lemmy Kilmister Bass, Vocals
Phil Campbell Guitars
Mikkey Dee Drums

Motörhead album review Aftershock

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