Metal Church - Generation Nothing (2013)

In the line of early thrash metal bands that didn't made it into Big Four or Big Ten something... Metal Church is my favorite. Believe me The Dark was one of epic thrash metal album in the earliest form. The band did not much proceed into more mainstream audiences, mainly because they stick to their basic form and did not evolved much in the late '80s, unlike Metallica, Megadeth or Anthrax.  But, if you know your thrash metal stuff, Metal Church should be a one of the name you respected. Going forward to our years, of course Metal Church too difference by now. Generation Nothing is their tenth studio album, released 2013. Notable because this is their 'comeback' album ever since the band proclaimed an inactivity after the album This Present Wasteland. Ho-ray, at least one more classic thrash metal band come back to life.

Curiously, let listen to the songs. Bulletproof is really a standard opener. There's nothing can go wrong with this catchy riffs introduction. The song got that dark feel chorus, some of Metal Church's trade mark. In fact, Bulletproof maybe a too safe play for the band, we need something more to bite. Dead City is also in the level of the first track, easily passing by, almost identical structure and ideas to the first one. A bit too happy for Metal Church. Now, finally Generation Nothing is something. The riffs are promising and the galloping drumming was kicking. The song are quite good for this one, something that can remind us to their early glory. Noises In The Wall is a test to our patience, the intro seems like forever before we listen to the basses. It's indeed longest song and you bet it has to be something serious. This song represent become more technical in play which something that dominated their last album This Present Wasteland.  Jump The Gun is heavy metal in the vibes of '80s glam metal type. Suiciety got a promising dark acoustic guitar intro, interesting song with speed metal spirit , again a bit happy feel. Scream is a fun song to listen, very energetic and probably best when done as live act. Hits Keep Comin' again alternating the dark vs happy feel, this one is the dark  and very inviting for a headbanging. Close To The Bone is perhaps too generic, the half pitch blending in the verses is epic trade mark of Metal Church that repeated many times. The Media Horse end the album with another safe landing point, but actually something not too predictable song for the album. Sounds bit modern with its simplicity.

Nevertheless, I feel this is an okay album for a comeback. Generation Nothing and Noises In The Wall are best tunes represent classic Metal Church, while I found Hits Keep Comin' is a good track for their update to our time. Compared to This Present Wasteland, this album feel as simple version, while T.P.W. was more technical. Vocalist Ronny Munroe delivered a good shrieking voices for all the track, perhaps the aspect that connected this album to the fan the most. The guitars works are complimentary to the song, I thing the word 'maturity' is closest to represented what I heard. New riff idea like in Jump The Gun is enjoyable. Recommended album for loyal fans of the band.

Metal Harem class: ******** seven stars out of ten

Metal Church - Generation Nothing (2013)

1. Bulletproof (4:10)
2. Dead City (3:47)
3. Generation Nothing (5:05)
4. Noises In The Wall (8:57)
5. Jump The Gun (5:37)
6. Suiciety (5:44)
7. Scream (4:24)
8. Hits Keep Comin' (5:38)
9. Close To The Bone (4:43)
10. The Media Horse (5:07)

    Kurdt Vanderhoof - Guitar
    Ronny Munroe - Vocals
    Rick Van Zandt - Guitar
    Steve Unger - Bass guitar
    Jeff Plate - Drums

Metal Church Generation Nothing album review

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