Almah – Unfold (2013)

For something that was only a side project, Almah has now get the priority to be Edu Falaschi 'regular' band, quitting his Angra job. In Almah, Edu deals with more heavy metal and progressive materials, instead of power metal in Angra. Unfold is their fourth release. All their past albums being praised as good material by fans, and I can see this album coming into that way as well.

The album starts with In My Sleep, it bring us to the seat of progressive metal ala Dream Theater and actually we can almost imagine James LaBrie singing on it. But hell no, this is Edu Falaschi bringing his heavier voices something not commonly can be heard in his Angra-era. The songs mostly kicks in this style. Technically awesome performance of guitarist and fast drumming is what happens in all track. In the second offering, Beware the Stroke is deeper in composition, starting calm then blast out, force us to carefully concentrating in the song. Another interesting track is Warm Wind, duet of acoustic guitar and bass line in the few second of intro, then we got Edu in his ballad-mode, remind us back to Angra time. Raise the Sun is slightly a power metal in spirit. Cannibals in Suits is also interesting point, mimicking industrial-groove in the intro, this song looks like a step further for reaching out different style by Edu. Wings of Revolution is trying that majestic-victory theme power metal cuts. Finally Treasure Of the Gods is bring back seriousness with its nine minutes composition, after several 'filler' in between such as a hard rock jamming track You Gotta Stand.

It seems like Almah put in everything they got into this album. Shadow of Dream Theater combined with traces of late-Angra is what this album summed up. Credits to all their member for putting highly technical stuffs through out the one hour session. The question is now, where Almah jumping to, because this is much still sounds like a side-project with all styles squeezing in. Almah need to find a focus to concept their music better, randomly this album is hell of showcase, but in bigger picture the fans can't really find one focus to remember them in long term. Fans of Angra and Edu Falaschi should welcome this album well, I still think Angra is one of 'technical' power metal around, (and from Brazil!), so the intensity of instrumentation in Almah should not distance them away.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Almah – Unfold (2013)
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1. In My Sleep (4:17)
2. Beware the Stroke (5:32)
3. The Hostage (4:02)
4. Warm Wind (4:58)
5. Raise the Sun (5:06)
6. Cannibals in Suits (4:59)
7. Wings of Revolution (4:47)
8. Believer (5:39)
9. I Do (5:06)
10. You Gotta Stand (5:04)
11. Treasure Of The Gods (9:47)
12. Farewell (3:40)

Edu Falaschi Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Marcelo Barbosa Guitars
Marcelo Moreira Drums
Raphael Dafras Bass
Gustavo Di Pádua Guitars

Almah Unfold album review

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