Alestorm - Live at the End of the World (2013)

Luckily the world of Power Metal did not as boring as we thought. There are many sub variant and a fun one. Alestorm is one of the band that inspiring enough to bring new theme to the power metal, the pirate theme power metal. The guys from Scotland strangely did not choose the highlander theme, instead 'invading' the Scandinavian with this Viking, Pirate, and Captain Hook happy singing song. The released three studio album and when a live album announced I can already see the happy-drunken-pirates singing on the stage. Live at the End of the World is their first live album complete altogether with a DVD shoot.

Most of Alestorm 'hits' are there. I like Over the Seas from their first album, it's definitely the catchiest riffs they have for being the 'rookie' pirate of power metal. The combination of electric-accordion as the folk sounds come in handy to raise the feeling of being happily on the ship. Their music mostly fast and represent chaos pirate dancing drunken on the ship. Of the latest track from their third album Back Through Time, The Sunk'n Norwegian surely the best song to being sing in live audience. It's also followed by Leviathan which is highly epic galloping drumming power metal. Of course Pirate Song is a must sing track for their live set. Wenches & Mead are selected to be their DVD trailer and the song serves a good introduction to Alestorm. In the purely Pirate theme songs are such as Keelhauled, Nancy the Tavern Wench and Midget Saw who truly distinguished Alestorm from general Folk-Power metal genre. Captain Morgan's Revenge finally the climax of the show followed by encore in Rum (with Bruce Dickinson's signature phrase..."scream for me Melbourne..")

Surely Alestorm was a fun band to listen in live mode. Live at the End of the World showcase their ability to play in LIVE mode. The sounds are great, most of the songs are very fast one and the guys keeps them cool. Christoper Bowes vocals is indeed fit the pirate theme. We already heard Christopher Bowes in his side project Gloryhammer. If you like energetic power metal with a lot of drinking, f**cking women, and killing sea monster references, Alestorm Live at the End of the World is there to entertain you.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Alestorm - Live at the End of the World (2013)
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1. The Quest
2. The Sunk'n Norwegian
3. Leviathan
4. Shipwrecked
5. Over the Seas
6. Midget Saw
7. Nancy the Tavern Wench
8. Pirate Song
9. Back Through Time
10. Wenches & Mead
11. Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
12. Keelhauled
13. Rumpelkombo
14. Set Sail and Conquer
15. Captain Morgan's Revenge
16. Rum

Dani Evans Guitars (lead)
Christopher Bowes Vocals, Keyboards
Gareth Murdock Bass
Peter Alcorn Drums
Elliot "Windrider" Vernon Keyboards

Alestorm LIVE at the END of the World album review

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