Armory – Empyrean Realms (2013)

If you are fans of power metal, this album will probably give you a big wow exclamation. Armory, a power metal band that you probably haven't heard before, pulled off their second studio album Empyrean Realms. I have listen to them indeed, Armory catch the attention of me in their first album, The Dawn of Enlightenment, which include a song that serves as a gate to their other original work, Flight of Icarus cover of Iron Maiden. Just as many power metal bands from USA, they tends to be more 'straight forward' without elements of orchestration over powered the power metal.

Eternal Mind is the immediately 'wow'. Ultra fast tempo with thick minor feel exactly pushed us back to the power metal of the '80s. On Dreamstate, the intro riffs may sounds very 'generic' but it is compensated with catchy improvisation throughout the song. Beyond the Horizon is just like the lyrics, the apocalyptic theme suit the song. Unfortunately for this song, I feel they should put in to more later of the album, it sounds kind of 'ending' feel. Fly to the sky closing theme. Which is to be replied by heavy progressive groove of Reflection Divine. Something like we used to hear from Symphony X. Horologium is epic instrumental done by trio guitarist - keyboardist. Still going fast with stormy drums and licks in Elements of Creation. Inner Sanctum is again back to the riffs that we familiar with, same as any other song, extended improvisation connected the first notes to the last in a catchy composition. Fate Seeker having bit of pentatonic licks incorporated before we landed into the minor scale yet again. Thus finally we close the album with Quest for The Fleece, a relief to hear at least non-bombastic intro replaced by calm keyboard introduction. It's a story telling song about fantasy land far away.

Intense and loud. Empyrean Realms is a semi concept album with outer space and fantasy theme. The result is making this album lend into Lydian-scale feel with lot of I-want-to-fly moment. If you read the band line-up correctly, you'll notice Joe Kurland is doing both guitars and drumming. I guess he did excel well in both area. Drumming is real deal, making us to guess who's big names behind the kit and the guitar playing also killer. Wow, the band really saves funds to have a multi function member like this. Noted also Adam Kurland the vocalist fit well and did make the song perfect with excellent voices. Production is excellent and sounds really professional. A good album that deserved to enter your collections.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Armory – Empyrean Realms (2013)
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01. Eternal Mind (5:25)
02. Dreamstate (5:21)
03. Beyond the Horizon (6:52)
04. Reflection Divine (5:29)
05. Horologium (4:00)
06. Elements of Creation (4:55)
07. Inner Sanctum (4:56)
08. Fate Seeker (6:21)
09. Quest for the Fleece (7:00)

Tom Preziosi Bass
Joe Kurland Guitars, Drums
Chad Fisher Guitars
Adam Kurland Vocals
Pete Rutcho Keyboards

Armory - Empyrean Realms album review

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