Pretty Maids - Motherland 2013

One thing for sure, fame is not equal to quality. Pretty Maids maybe the most underrated , under fame, among their kind. Producing high melodic rock / metal materials since thirty years ago, Pretty Maids never get the appreciation from wider audiences they deserves. Even so, that's seems never be a problem and the band consistently able to focus on the music and produced high end heavy metal mixed with AOR nuances.

On their thirteenth studio album, Motherland is thirteen songs consist of a mixed of the styles mentioned above. The opener track is Mother of All Lies, a rather furious melodic metal with straightforward riff, and memorable chorus. Sad To See You Suffer is the next point of interest, AOR ballad that really bring out the spirit of the '80s. Then we get Hooligan, this one is heavy and deep singing. Why So Serious? Is seriously strong composition of melodic metal with nice double pedal accent inside. Motherland is heaviest track to bring the curve of listening to the climax. One thing is the band cleverly use memorable lyric into the song, such as I See Ghosts is surely easily to follow. Who What Where When Why also such example, melody line in unusual scale then followed by simple 2/4 groove. Not to mentioned the other 'fillers' that will mostly serves as best song in most average band, such as To Fool A Nation, and The Iceman.

Pretty Maids extended their port folio with this album. When listening to this album we get the whole and full feeling. Thinking that the next track will be the better than previous one. The flow for each song is well maintained  Hard to find one better song to another since they are fairly equal in creativity and composition. Singer and long time member 'Ronnie Atkins' can sings in many mood and type of voices. His talent also bring into mainstream metal in the next Avantasia album, The Mystery of Time. Guitarist 'Ken Hammer' is experience enough to bring connected riff, licks and solos to each song, supported well by his band mates that handle the harmony parts. It is not sure whether Motherland will make them gain more fame than they previously has, but for one sure, these materials will remain hidden treasures, if you failed to discover Pretty Maids anytime now. Hardly an album that will let you down.

Metal Harem Class: ********** nine stars out of ten

Pretty Maids - Motherland 2013
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1. Mother Of All Lies
2. To Fool A Nation
3. Confession
4. The Iceman
5. Sad To See You Suffer
6. Hooligan
7. Infinity
8. Why So Serious?
9. Motherland
10. I See Ghosts
11. Bullet For You
12. Who What Where When Why
13. Wasted

Ronnie Atkins – Vocals
Ken Hammer – Guitars
Morten Sandager – Keyboards
Rene Shades – Bass
Allan Tschicaja – Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records

Pretty Maids album Motherland review

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