Dream Master - Fourth Key (2013)

Not only a power metal band, Argentina also can produced a Pope! Well, congratulations on that (today) and what a coincidence since I am listening to Argentina latest power metal act Dream Master. The band first made known to me for their Helloween cover song Dr. Stein, from their high acclaim debut Dream Master album. The new release called Fourth Key is their fourth studio album so far. They didn't provide much information for the band, except a liner in their official website stating "..Powerful guitars and rich vocal melodies combined conform Dream Master songs. Also you can experience a lot of different colors in the songs throw the lyrics and harmonized guitars and bass lines. "

You can accept that, the first two tracks from Fourth Key do justice on that. Make A New Tomorrow provide powerful combination between guitars and bass, especially the bass mixed with high end treble and just like want to scratch your ears. It's a good listening with a mixed between Bruce Dickinson baritone voices  and Racer-X power riff. With a title song Leather Army and a huu-haa thing in the chorus, the song transferred to traditional British heavy metal attack. Some potential song writing can be found in The Countdown Starts, with a drum trying to emulated the clock machine beat. Others is 2012, mellow starts and burst into progressive signature riff. Or Lying Mask that use strict half note scale / Locrian feel song. The last song in acoustic setting finally close Fourth Key with a good impression.

The unique in this album is the mixing of bass and drum that get more attack in the final mix. Overall,  the album compacted with enough power riff and Iron Maiden bass attack, and a very Bruce Dickonsonish vocal style as well. According to their social network, Diego Camano is the serving drummer, also known in the band Ravensoul. Rodolfo Sanmarti is the proud thumbing bassist here. Along with founder duo of Ezequiel and Gabriel, Dream Master make Argentina not only the rival to Italian sweet wine, but also to their power metal crowd. A nice underrated album and band to get known and show to your power metal friends.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Dream Master - Fourth Key (2013)
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01. Make a New Tomorrow (4:53)
02. Leather Army (3:57)
03. Insecurity (4:11)
04. The Countdown Starts (5:49)
05. Memories Marked in My Mind (5:31)
06. I See Your Face (4:59)
07. 2012 (5:38)
08. Lying Mask (4:15)
09. Insane…Am I? (3:52)
10. Save Us (3:47)
11. Orlando (4:07)
12. All I Say (3:52)

Ezequiel Wiurnos , guitars, vocals
Gabriel Chiavetto, guitars
Rodolfo Sanmarti, bass
Diego Camaño, drums

Argentine based power metal band, Dream Master Fourth Key album review.

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