Highlord - The Warning After (2013)

Remember Highlord? A power metal act from Turin, Italy, they are well remember for their breakthrough albums, When Aurora Falls.... and Breath of Eternity about ten years ago. Beyond that point, it seem the band gone into mediocrity without the world noticed their late albums. This month, Highlord back again to bring the seventh studio album to power metal audience, The Warning After. The significant changes was singer Vasce who sung in Aurora Falls was not around anymore, replaced by Andrea Marchisio. This also applied to bassist and keyboardist who are new mates to the band. This left only drummer Luca 'T-1000' Pellegrino and guitarist Stefano Droetto as original members.

If you wanted the symphonic and chorus metal as in Aurora Falls, The Warning After did not opened with that cheesy overture. Rather, Tonightmare (typo?) is unusual opening for power metal act, bringing intrique melodic verses to capture our attention.  So soon, The Goggle Mirror answered with keyboard riff that lead to rather progressive feel song. Brother To The End is confirming that The Warning After now leading to more dark and progressive metal territory, rather to their power metal roots. Couple of songs in this new song, with notable No More Heroes is maybe the 'lightest' song around there to be labelled power metal feel. A piano and string ballad in Of Tears And Rhymes. And The Warning After that goes quite epic. Last song is something special featuring Ralph Scheepers duet vocal in Arcade Warriors.

So that we are in the path of musical chances in Highlord. This is good considering they are in the land of power metal cheesy, Italy. Sure a couple of re-tuning are necessary to outstanding them from the rest. The Warning After fall into more progressive feel than what we expected from the creator of Aurora Falls. Guitars and keyboard parts are well crafted, drum sounds a bit mechanics,.. well, T-1000 was doing it. And singer Andrea Marchisio works hard to lifted the song by his singing. So done the most basic requirements to keep the album alive well for Highlord's fans.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Highlord - The Warning After (2013)
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1. Tonightmare
2. The Goggle Mirror
3. Brother To The End
4. Inside The Vacuity Circle
5. Standing In The Rain
6. No More Heroes
7. Of Tears And Rhymes
8. The Warning After
9. In This Wicked World
10. Arcade Warriors featuring Ralph Scheepers

Luca 'T-1000' Pellegrino, Drums
Stefano Droetto, Guitars
Andrea Marchisio, Vocals
Emanuele Salsa, Keyboards
Daniele Veronese, Bass

album review for Highlord The Warning After 2013

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