Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels (2013)

Are you old enough to experience the day waiting for Jimi Hendrix releases? Nope, I am not, Jimi's last day was in 1970 and it was decade before my first day on earth. When the new Jimi Hendrix album announced weeks ago, I did get a tiny of goosebumps waiting for the release. So, with the time different of about forty years gap, can we still connect with the buzz on that age? The music is the only way to do that. People, Hell and Angels is the latest post-humous release from Jimi. Actually this is the 12th post-humous album from him, quite a number for the die man, isn't? Sound quality is great, fresh as the recording of our age. Beside that with the chances of audio recording taste to turn the sound into vintage, this album hardly different what we always here by now.

The album started with catchy riff of Earth Blues. Right after that we presented Jimi signature singing in his patented blues style. Very charming if you really miss the vibe of his voice. The song itself easy to absorbed, just a couple spin and it become familiar. Fans of Hendrix-ism wah wah will found the next track, Somewhere a great mix between blues song and guitar playing. The prove of this part is in song Crash Landing, where the lyric, "... you don't love me, you just want me..." can be so natural become part of blues theme. The sound of '68, the year of this recording done, come out shinning in Hear My Train A Comin', where the guitar riff trying to emulate the coming voice of a train. Bleeding Heart is almost 80 percent instrumental. The full instrumental track is Easy Blues, something for those looking to study Jimi Hendrix jamming session. Follow by Inside Out and Hey Gypsy Boy. The last song is Mojo Man, and producer put mellow instrumental Villanova Junction Blues as closing chapter.

It's surely a nostalgic listening experience inside People, Hell and Angels. It's not a missing chain of what we believe we have now, neither a hidden treasure we haven't listen to, but we surely brought back to the '68 and '69 era. Jimi Hendrix unmatched guitar will add new licks library to enthusiast of this guitar legend. Band mate were mostly featuring Billy Cox and Buddy Miles. Production is fine, rawness of Jimi's stratocaster is well preserved. Learn how he can make friend with voice noise and blend it into musical elements. The album is seeking for commercial purposes with Jimi Hendrix name, but the contains material is up standard blues man song. Highlight is Crash Landing, Earth Blues, Hear My Train A Comin' and Hey Gypsy Boy.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels (2013)
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1. "Earth Blues" 3:33
2. "Somewhere" 4:05
3. "Hear My Train a Comin'" 5:41
4. "Bleeding Heart" 3:58
5. "Let Me Move You" 6:50
6. "Izabella" 3:42
7. "Easy Blues" 5:57
8. "Crash Landing" 4:14
9. "Inside Out" 5:03
10. "Hey Gypsy Boy" 3:39
11. "Mojo Man" 4:07
12. "Villanova Junction Blues" 1:44

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