Code of Silence - Dark Skies Over Babylon 2013

Recently, a record label and promoter Rock N Growl become new destination for news and interesting, mostly newcomer, bands. The next band called Code of Silence is a new sensation on their lineup, this band comprised of member from UK and Brazil. Playing eclectic blend between old school heavy metal and hard rock, even with a taste of AOR, their genre can only be termed as melodic metal band. The debut album called Dark Skies Over Babylon come out this week. Member of band come from notable band, such as guitarist Ben Randall , ex Power Quest. Their power horse is singer Gus Monsanto, ex Adagio and most familiar as ex Revolution Renaissance. Moment of listening tell the band is uplifted their reputation as seasoned musician as the album heavily rocks.

Omerta serves as intro, the time to adjust your hifi before the storm of melodic metal comes in, Bitter Sweet Paradise. This is a heavy metal but with an AOR feel in it. I love the pentatonic-exotic harmonic guitar fill in the beginning of the song. Especially special is the second song, Sky Is Falling Down. The riff is going to be their asset in the future and the verse again started in rocking AOR singing. Tame the Tempest will swing you around with its Axel-Rudi-Pell-like guitar tones and intro riff. Then come in darker themed in Dark Skies Over Babylon, which is now using ‘70s guitar tone ala Zepelin. This is a moment Gus getting some quality time to spend his voice character. Seventh Seal sounds like Dokken era metal. The rest of album still got enough interesting moment, song like Black Abyss is there, Midnight Caphedral (Veritas) in Gregorian ambience match the situation in Vatican right now following resignation of Pope Benedictus. And its close with melodious piano ballad Here to Heaven.

Great album with creative mix of resources ranging from AOR to heavy metal materials. The overall theme of Knight Templer with this kind of music is rather out of ordinary, given this story usually done in power metal kind of music. Guitarist Ben Randall proves versatile in creating many styles. Gus Monsanto also shine better from any of his previous appearances. Keyboardist Scott McLean convert many space left by other member with his eclectic styles string and fills in. This is one of great debut album, set the ball high for the team to advanced their career. Again this line up from Rock N Growl is not mistaking and worth every cent to try on.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Code of Silence - Dark Skies Over Babylon 2013
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1. Omerta (Intro) (1:51)
2. Bitter Sweet Paradise (5:27)
3. Sky Is Falling Down (3:51)
4. Tame The Tempest (6:32)
5. Dark Skies Over Babylon (7:31)
6. Seventh Seal (6:09)
7. Witches Of November (5:12)
8. Black Abyss (5:53)
9. Knights Of The Crimson Cross (5:07)
10. Midnight Caphedral (Veritas) (6:44)
11. Here To Heaven (6:31)
Witches Of November (Original Demo — bonus track) (5:11)
Here To Heaven (Original Demo — bonus track) (6:33)

Gus Monsanto (Vocals)
Ben Randall (Guitar)
James Murray (Bass)
Scott McLean (Keys)
John Clelland (Drums)

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