Bon Jovi - What About Now (2013)

It is clear, that Bon Jovi will not turn back the time doing a release in a vibes of New Jersey or Keep the Faith. They are just a band that need no more Bad Medicine or Bed of Roses, and move on. In the past decade, the band wrote in  wider musical spectrum, playing in country influenced soft rock, modern rock and pop. But with high end output, that make us believed they did it in full passion. The couple last releases of Bon Jovi gives us clue how the band heading, gospelic music, motivational and touching lyrics. What About Now is just another chapter of it. Written in the time of American crisis, where the American dream seems evaporated in the air just within years, Jon Bon Jovi trying to inspire us with his poetic writing.

I don’t wanna be another wave in the ocean
I am a rock, not just another grain of sand (that’s right)
I wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder
I ain’t a soldier but I’m here to take a stand Because We Can

She’s in the kitchen starin’ out the window
So tired of livin’ life in black and white


...it is clear, a powerful opening verse. Written by Jon and Richie, this is Bon Jovi post 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong era. Mainly focus on the drum driven tempo, Jon delivered the inspirational lyric to make this one of Bon Jovi best take in the late 2010s.

When hope is gone and all you want is the truth
You carry on when it seems no use, it seems no use

If I got one thing I got something to prove

We all got nothing if there's nothing to lose (I'm With You)
I'm with you..

is no wait for a melancholy slow song in the second row. This track highlight Richie's takes in the solos.
You want to start a fight?
You´ve got to take a swing
You got to get your hands in the dirt
To see what the harvest will bring

You want to raise your voice?

Don't be scared to breathe
Don't be afraid to hurt
Don't be ashamed to need
tonight, we're alive

Who´ll stand for the restless?

And the lonely? For the desperate? And the hungry?
Down for the count, I'm hearing you now
For the faithful, the believer
For the faceless and the teacher
Stand up and be proud... What about now?

The album's title song. These are some of my favorite verses on the album, along with this, beware of lefty and mandolin in one song ...

Well I’m a teacher I’m a farmer I’m a union man
It’s getting hard to make a living in this hard land
We ain’t working in our factories all these jobs went overseas

Does anybody want, Does anybody want

Does anybody want what’s left of me

They just don't let the album slip away with somber, the love song does exist in style. With,..

I feel just like Picasso
And you're my master piece 

No matter how I try

No matter what I do
I'm still painting pictures of you

and kinda..

I laid down in her garden
Naked on her floor
Windows up, the curtains blowing
She don’t lock the door

Amen, Amen

At the banquet table

A beggar at a feast
I felt her tongue between her lips
And I forgot to breath
We stayed there ‘til the candles burned the carpet 

It is clear, that the lyrical aspect is one of the thing I enjoy most from the album. Despite listening to this is album even more feel doing a sabbatical year, it is an en joyful experience. Mostly also for the factor that Jon Bon Jovi still has the magic to bring you back to unchallenged '80s era. Band mate such as drummer Tico controlled all the beat with mature strike. Hugo the bass thumbing-ers lay the low frequency foundation just to make sure we enjoy the best accompaniment. And keyboardist David Bryan put the soundtrack string in magical air. Some will find the album emphasized too much on 'deeper' meaning, lack of continuation of Bon Jovi in the past, especially long time fans that didn't catch up with their latest material. But I myself will accept their musical direction. The last notes on this album review will be ....

I can’t hurt but I still feel
I know that life’s a battlefield
When a time get tough
I’m a soldier

When it’s time to the fight

It’s just my side right on my side
I’m an army of one
I’m a soldier

Never give up

Never give up
Never give up
Never let up
Never give in
You’re an army of one

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Bon Jovi - What About Now (2013)
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01. Because We Can
02. I'm With You
03. What About Now
04. Pictures Of You
05. Amen
06. That's What The Water Made Me
07. What's Left Of Me
08. Army Of One
09. Thick As Thieves
10. Beautiful World
11. Room At The End Of The World
12. The Fighter
13. These Two Hands
14. Not Running Anymore
15. Old Habits Die Hard
16. Every Road Leads Home To You

Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, guitar
Richie Sambora – guitar, backing vocals
Hugh McDonald – bass, backing vocals
Tico Torres – drums
David Bryan – keyboards, backing vocals

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