Suicidal Tendencies - 13 (2013)

Remember Suicidal Tendencies? They are one of most energetic metal band that doing cross over genre, between thrash metal and other groove-based genres. They implemented element of punk, funky bass line, rap singing gone far with ska brass and whatever. This cross over thing gone quite mainstream in the middle of '90 and Suicidal Tendencies remains pioneer in this sense. With diverse style found on their music, the band actually pretty flexible in changing and improving their sound to met listener on that genre. With this, Suicidal Tendencies unafraid to give on more new album to carry on their fate. Titled as '13', this is their first output since 13 years ago, their 13th studio album and they won one more element than Megadeth's Th1rt3en for they released this album in year 2013. Founding member and singer Mike Muir is the only member from their earliest 1981.

The album has 13 tracks as well. It started with Shake It Out, as the titled suggested, the everybody-shake-groove metal tunes, full of energetic skate board time feel. With this we were giving a promising start that lead to optimistic continuation. Smash It! is heavier with that intro riff, then the groove come in and Mike Muir continue to impressed us that his energetic singing approach is not yet dim by the time. This Ain't A Celebration captured the bit of Offspring rap singing crossover metal in very fast and nice way. Of course we will need killer bass groove, and new bassist Steve Brunner successful building a background fill for God Only Knows Who I Am. Several good tunes in between, then Show Some Love... Tear It Down is another moshpit shout out in straightforward riffs and song structure. Cyco Style and Slam City are two songs that easily memorize for being a simple catch phrase for the song. And interesting is Till My Last Breath with twisted funky slab bass that really bring the emotion out.

I finished the album with good enjoying time. Song composition integrated nicely between music and the vocalist's singing style.  If you like technical funk bass and some great groove drumming, 13 is rich in this area. Both guitarist build up the melody needed for each songs. They are not over repetitive riff that usually annoy me in this genre, but the band composed good amount of licks and phrases to make the song rich. This is Red Hot Chilli Pappers, Offspring, Biohazard, feels that all come in as one package album to be enjoy. Not a bad comeback for the veteran Suicidal Tendencies run from twenty years ago. They come with excellent cover album artwork that really reflected the music inside.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Suicidal Tendencies - 13 (2013)
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01. Shake It Out (3:51)
02. Smash It! (3:46)
03. This Ain't A Celebration (3:32)
04. God Only Knows Who I Am (5:29)
05. Make Your Stand (5:54)
06. Who's Afraid? (4:08)
07. Show Some Love...Tear It Down (3:31)
08. Cyco Style (4:41)
09. Slam City (5:36)
10. Till My Last Breath (4:40)
11. Living The Fight (4:22)
12. Life...(Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It) (4:36)
13. This World (5:07)

Mike Muir - vocals
Mike Clark - rhythm guitar
Dean Pleasants - lead guitar
Steve Brunner - bass
Eric Moore - drums

Suicidal Tendecies 13 Album Review

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