DGM - Momentum 2013

It's not quite commercially correct to have a progressive metal band named with acronym. If you either UFO, or DIO, or UDO  then better settled with something more 'progressive' as the flag title. Many reviewers also making fact and fun that DGM, the band's name, is not really necessary  needed any longer, since those were acronym for their founding member, which is none presented now. This is a naughty hypothetically teaser for the band, which is consist of very capable musicians but enjoy less exposure to the metal community. DGM is Italy-based progressive band existed since 1997. Momentum is their eight release, and such maturity is well presented in the album. It is a mix between aggressive European based prog such as Symphony X and Dream Theater groove.

For the first track, Reason we presented aggressive riff attack as the starter. Singer from Symphony X mr Russel Allen join in the singing session, making this even Symphony X alike. Trust is the following track with stormy intro, the melody line and chorus is quite sing-able. They are sure the progressive band that didn't bother with overly done solos and music, Universe is one of complicated song they have. Comes complete with orchestration and ultra fast double pedal drumming, make us understand why progressive metal is a genre either you love being blown away or just press the 'next' button. Numb is fortunately a slow down tunes. This time it is a glam metal, '90s feel. If not for the yet again overly done drumming, this may a universal like-d track. Pages for a second sounds like an Yngwie neo-classical tunes done in berserk mode. Now, I like the piano ballad in Repay, which contained beautiful string orchestration and chorus line, well done by singer Mark Basile. Next. So you think the in house guitarist Simone Mularoni and keyboard wizard Emanuele Casali had enough to fill the song? Not really because they feel in need to hired Pagan's Mind axeman to join the battle of notes. Viggo Lofstad surely take the guts to fills as guest guitarist in Chaos. Remembrance is semi ballad that gone from slow to desperate and dark climax. Overload is standard progressive metal riff, and again a blasting music to overload every prog fans. Void is a standard blend between prog and power metal, especially the high spirit double pedal in the chorus. The last track Blame comes with mysterious keyboard intro, then comes up with tom tom drumming to accompanying the song.

DGM's Momentum surely an album you need to blast your non prog friend out the window. It's also a secret weapon to convince prog friend that the world is not just Dream Theater, and Symphony X. Every second is a full speed shred. They are traditional prog band that believe in technical assault. So, if you can't stand overly done solos, drums and keyboards then Momentum will just a passing away experience. In opposite if you enjoy technically precised instrumentation, help yourself with this release.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

DGM Momentum (2013)
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1. Reason (featuring Russell Allen)
2. Trust
3. Universe
4. Numb
5. Pages
6. Repay
7. Chaos (featuring Viggo Lofstad)
8. Remembrance
9. Overload
10. Void
11. Blame

- Mark Basile / Vocals
- Simone Mularoni / Guitars
- Andrea Arcangeli / Bass
- Fabio Costantino / Drums
- Emanuele Casali / Keyboards

DGM Momentum album review

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