Iron Maiden - Maiden England '88 2013 Edition

Iron Maiden is one of the most well documented heavy metal act in history. In this millennium era where Iron Maiden is in the other part of their career, one more release from their past era is most welcome. Maiden England is very special live captured moment. Not only that Iron Maiden was in their most high career in 1988, this is the last moment where Adrian Smith still being in the band, before being interrupted for another ten years. Maiden was released the Seventh Son album, arguably their last NWOBHM era sounds and they really finished conquered the world of heavy metal. Maiden England should be part of their official live album from the 1980s, following 1982 Hammersmith, and 1985 Live After Death.

So what is the gimmicks and importants feature in Maiden England that make it special?

Moonchild is now the rare official live recording ever. In the solos part, you can heard the missed notes in the very last part of the first round of solo. As well as Infinite Dreams, these two songs was only hidden in the Eddie's Archieve Boxset CD no.6Still Life is also very rare song that got recorded live, taken from Piece of Mind not found elsewhere in Iron Maiden discography. Same to Seventh Son of the Seventh Son. Although Die with Your Boots On is popular Iron Maiden song, I think it is also rarely recorded, only previously heard in Live After Death CD2. In The Evil That Men Do you got to heard rare situation where Bruce Dickinson losing his stamina in the near end of the song. Something special in Heaven Can Wait, where the distortion guitar come in duet with Steve Harris solo intro there.

It's a great capture of their energy in their most high time. Sounds quality is fine with both guitarist Adrian and Dave splitting voice in left and right speaker. Harris bass sound is aggressively put front. The audience is something lack the effect, compared to newer recording in Rock in Rio and En Vivo, but it is there to uplift the atmosphere. Bruce Dickinson did not improved much his on stage speech, but he were started it well in A Real Live One session. Nine stars album as always from the Maidens.

Iron Maiden : Maiden England '88 2013 Edition
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CD 1
01. Moonchild [6:23]
02. The Evil That Men Do 0[4:18]
03. The Prisoner [06:00]
04. Still Life [04:32]
05. Die With Your Boots On [05:19]
06. Infinite Dreams [05:53]
07. Killers [04:57]
08. Can I Play With Madness [03:25]
09. Heaven Can Wait [07:43]
10. Wasted Years [05:06]

CD 2
01. The Clairvoyant [04:30]
02. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son [10:09]
03. The Number Of The Beast [04:47]
04. Hallowed Be Thy Name [07:22]
05. Iron Maiden [05:12]
06. Run To The Hills [04:02]
07. Running Free [05:34]
08. Sanctuary [05:25]

    Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals
    Dave Murray – lead & rhythm guitars,
    Adrian Smith – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals,
    Steve Harris – bass guitar, backing vocals
    Nicko McBrain – drums
    Michael Kenney – keyboards

Iron Maiden - Maiden England '88 Album review

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