Recent Metal Band doing Iron Maiden Cover 2010-2013

Although Iron Maiden already has 666 compilation albums, the world seem not enough with that. Cover of Iron Maiden song keep coming out, from unknown metal band seeking fame, to veteran band such as Testament and Kreator. The world keep celebrate what might be the greatest metal band on earth by doing a tribute song. Here is a fictional compilation tribute album, cover of Iron Maiden song from the last couple of year. The article in Wikipedia listed almost all notable cover album of Iron Maiden, but I found they are not updated and missed out recent addition to the list. Here is a list of metal band doing Iron Maiden cover that not included in any official tribute album, for now. And for more information on Iron Maiden tribute and cover project see this blog.

List of Recent Notable Band doing Iron Maiden cover song:

Testament – Album Dark Root of Earths (2012)

Kreator – Album Phantom Antichrist (2012), also appear on special EP “The Big Teutonic 4
The Number of the Beast

Ensiferum – Single Burning Leaves , album Unsung Heroes (2012)

Iced Earth – Album Dystopia (2011)
The Trooper

Stryper –Album Covering, special Stryper cover album (2011)
The Trooper

Rhapsody of Fire - Album From Chaos to Eternity (2011)
Flash of the Blade

Tankard – Special album called “The Big Teutonic 4
The Prisoner

Angelus Apatrida – album Clockwork  (2010)
Be Quick Or Be Dead  [limited edition bonus]

Fatal Embrace – Album The Empires of Inhumanity (2012)
Killers (Iron Maiden cover - bonus track)

Reinxeed – album 1912 (2011)
Aces High

Trilogy - album Empieza el Juego (2012)
Flight of Icarus

Symbyosis - album On The Wings Of Phoenix (2005)
The Loneliness of Distance Runner

Clairvoyants - album Word to the Wise (2009), previously Italian Iron Maiden cover band
Hallowed be Thy Name - featuring Andre Matos vocal
Wasted Years - not issued in album but available on Youtube featuring Timo Kotipelto

Sturm Und Drang - Album Rock n Roll Children [Limited Edition] (2008)
Fear of the Dark

Metal Styx - Магический амулет (Magical Amulet) (2012)
Brave New World

After Forever - album Exordium [EP] (2003)
The Evil That Men Do

Cradle of Filth - album Lovecraft & Witch Heart Disc 2 (2002)
Hallowed By Thy Name

Eternal Tears of Sorrow - album Chaotic Beauty (2000)
Flight of Icarus

Argus - album Argus (2009) - band from USA
Phantom of the Opera

re-Vision - album Chapter IV: ...All For The Sake of Love (2009), Germany female fronted power metal band, the band also serves as Paul Di'Anno's backing band in Germany
Strange World

Meanwhile official Iron Maiden cover studio albums that didn’t make to the Wikipedia list, mostly after 2010  are:

Beast Over Greece (2012)
Metal Hammer Greece issued a full CD of Iron Maiden tribute, notable bands such as Wardrum, Spitfire and Bob Katsionis on board.

1. Spitfire - Where Eagles Dare
2. Wardrum - Be quick or be Dead
3. Nightstalker - Running Free
4. Bob Katsionis & Peter Ellis - Moonchild
5. Dream Weaver - Flight of Icarus
6. Mahakala - Hallowed be thy Name
7. Acid Death - Deja vu
8. Dark Nova - Chairvoyant
9. Convixion - Sanctuary
10. Marauder - Children of The Dammed
11. Maidenance - Alexander The Great

Thomas Zwijsen - Nylon Maiden (2013)
buy it here at Amazon , talented acoustic guitar player doing Iron Maiden cover instrumentally

1. Aces High (3:43)
2. Rainmaker (3:30)
3. The Trooper (4:21)
4. Dance Of Death (8:35)
5. Can I Play With Madness (3:33)
6. Blood Brothers (8:00)
7. The Clairvoyant (4:32)
8. Wasting Love (6:07)
9. Wasted Years (4:43)
10. The Clansman (with Blaze Bayley) (8:42)
11. The Talisman (9:01)

Maiden United - Across The Seventh Sea (2012)
buy from Amazon
1. Only the Good Die Young (5:18)
2. 2 Minutes to Midnight (6:54)
3. Prowler (4:21)
4. Flash of the Blade (4:13)
5. Children of the Damned (4:53)
6. Infinite Dreams (5:54)
7. 22 Acacia Avenue (8:59)
8. The Evil That Men Do (4:35)
9. Wasted Years (5:48)

Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD, HEADSPACE): Vocals
Ruud Jolie (WITHIN TEMPTATION): Guitar
Joey Bruers (UP THE IRONS): Bass
Marco Kuypers (CLOUDMACHINE): Piano
Mike Coolen (WITHIN TEMPTATION): Drums

Iron Maiden Tribute - The Soldier Has Returned (2011)
Country: USA - buy it here at Amazon

01. Steve Overland (of FM) - Can I Play With Madness
02. Steve Grimmett (of Grim Reaper) - 2 Minutes To Midnight
03. Paul Dianno (of Killers) - Wrathchild
04. Doogie White (of Rainbow) - Hallowed Be Thy Name
05. Paul Dianno (of Killers) - Running Free
06. Doogie White (of Rainbow) - The Evil That Men Do
07. Paul Dianno (of Killers) - Phantom Of The Opera
08. Steve Grimmett (of Grim Reaper) - Number Of The Beast
09. Paul Dianno (of Killers) - Iron Maiden
10. Steve Overland (of FM) - Run To The Hills
11. Gary Barden (of MSG) - The Trooper

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