Serenity - War of Ages (2013)

It's increasing crowded in the chamber of symphonic metal. In this limited space of creativity, sure there need to come out with something special to stand them out of the waves. Or.... just stay firm and delivered a well known formula of bombastic riffs and mind blowing orchestrations. This is what Serenity done in their latest offer, War of Ages. Their studio album number four. Instead of going under surgery to find a new sounds, the band just increased their power, intense the riffs, doubled the galloping drum, and... bring more melodious songs to their duo vocals, of male and female of course.

Wings of Madness, as the first track already show sign of something great ahead. Acoustically prelude the album, this followed with opening riff layered with background choir. Surrounded with folk scale chanting to added more aura, the singer Georg Neuhauser takes turn to delivered the line along with his partner, ClĂ©mentine Delauney. Both are top of their game and vocals are flow with great controls. The Art of War is a direct bombastic symphonic metal that just so familiar that will bring less confrontation to the ears. Both are very Kamelot in style. The band try to inserted a little progressive and smart composition in Shining Oasis. In the fourth track, For Freedom's Sake is perhaps the only minor annoying thing in the album, that is it's come too early as 'slow' song. Because after this, Age of Glory begin the later acts that will bring the peak from this release. Theatrical intro in Age of Glory, then melodious leading tunes, all the way with The Matricide, Symphony For the Quiet and almost reaching climax in Tannenberg, because Legacy of Tudors contained one of my favorite chorus in 2013. Serenity then decided to close the album in rather generic Royal Pain, followed by bonus track included Love of My Life, the Freddie Mercury tribute.

Surely a surprise release from the Austrian fellows. Although Serenity keep coming strong album after album, Death & Legacy was a strong album too, War of Ages very much their peak in symphonic metal act. Well orchestration and good song wins this album. The vocals are enjoyable, mostly due to clever song arrangement in dividing their voices, their showcase can be enjoy fully in the piano version song of Fairytale.   The musicians division are also resourceful, adding the last factor to win them over their 'competitors', so far this year. Highlight is in the middle part of album, starting from Age of Glory until Legacy of Tudors. Serenity's War of Ages is a strong released, all with bombastic orchestration we all needed for.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Serenity - War of Ages (2013)
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1. "Wings of Madness" 6:01
2. "The Art of War" 5:15
3. "Shining Oasis" 5:15
4. "For Freedom's Sake" 4:42
5. "Age of Glory" 6:50
6. "The Matricide" 5:03
7. "Symphony For The Quiet" 5:06
8. "Tannenberg" 5:59
9. "Legacy of Tudors" 5:09
10. "Royal Pain" 4:51
11. "Fairytale" (ballad version - LTD bonustrack)
12. "Love of My Life" (Queen Cover LTD bonustrack)

Georg Neuhauser – Lead Vocals
Thomas Buchberger – Guitars
Andreas Schipflinger – Drums, Backing Vocals
Fabio D’Amore – Bass
ClĂ©mentine Delauney – Female Vocals

Serenity - War of Ages album review

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