Amaranthe - The Nexus 2013

Elize Ryd fame is now quite known for her worked with Dragonland (Under the Grey Banner album), Kamelot (Silverthorn) even as Nightwish's one night singer in replacing Olzen when she was sick. These events surely rise curiosity on her actual band, called Amaranthe. This is a six pieces band playing music something like a combination of Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and metalcore harsh growl. That is, their formation bring in as many as three singers to executed their unique combination of clean vocals (female and male) and harsh growling. The Nexus is their second studio album, after their debut in 2006.

On the track by track hearing, the production is top notch. Implementation of multiple layers singing is supported with awesome composition, usually powered with good keyboard programming rhythm. Making this a fresh and rich bombastic trio vocals group. All beginning four tracks Afterlife, Invincible, The Nexus and Theory of Everything, flow with great pace and the song seems connected without a lost in momentum. The other variation on their bombastic core-gothic-modern metal song, is a mellow tempo Burn With Me. If you afraid on Amaranthe absence of guitar solos, then this is not your case. Olof Morck the guitarist put in a few spin of guitar solos to make Amaranthe a legitimate metal album into everybody's collection. Check also Razorblade with a good aggresive singing by Elize. But, be sure not to shock with a No Doubt / Lady Gaga near disco beat song in Electroheart. The album closed with two acoustic songs version that can diverse completely the mood.

Not a bad album at all from Elize and her companions. The Nexus smartly approach the market of metalcore, gothic metal and modern metal audiences. The trio singing is prove a powerful setup. Leaving little room to find lacking elements, only that some song gone too simple and scream for extra song development. If Amaranthe can quickly grow their own sounds, leaving influences of their other female fronted band, it is of a great future they are.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Amaranthe - The Nexus 2013

1. Afterlife 03:14
2. Invincible 03:11
3. The Nexus 03:16
4. Theory of Everything 03:34
5. Stardust 03:08
6. Burn With Me 04:00
7. Mechanical Illusion 04:01
8. Razorblade 03:05
9. Future On Hold 03:17
10. Electroheart 03:48
11. Transhuman 03:55
12. Infinity 03:05
13. Hunger (Remix and Acoustic version iTunes Bonus track) 03:17
14. Burn With Me (acoustic)

Olof Mörck Guitars, Keyboards
Morten Løwe Sørensen Drums
Jake E Berg Vocals (clean)
Elize Ryd Vocals (female)
Andy Solveström Vocals (harsh)
Johan Andreassen Bass

Amaranthe The Nexus album review

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