Derdian - Limbo 2013

Here comes again the Italian power metaller, Derdian. Many bands tend to blend themselves with progressive or folk metal lately, but Derdian is our faithful defender of pure power metal with its fantasy dragon and epic galloping rhythm. After finishing the New Era trilogy, Derdian is now free to explore new composition disconnected with the story line required as in New Era. Limbo is a new album, rather minimalist compare to their previous trilogy albums. The other significant chances is the departure of vocalist Joe Caggianelli and replaced by Ivan Giannini. I will missed Joe for his clean and powerful vocal characteristic, Ivan on the other hand is heavier and darker, and this lead Limbo to even more Rhapsodian in some cases.

Carpe Diem is the intro, a power metal choirs set listener into Derdian’s standby mode. Dragon’s Life is melodious power metal song with memorable vocal line, best to stay as the album’s opener. An dark intro then lead to Forever In The Dark, a lengthy seven minutes song with a twist of vocal and bombastic chorus, this one is what we usually called a Rhapsodian symphonic metal. Then Heal My Soul is a sweet straightforward power metal song, with all its minor scale song accompanied by solo guitar riff, perhaps my best moment from the album. Light Of Hate is a bold and fast, blasting song, after a calm synth intro that introduce the thematic licks, the band storm listener with double pedal and improvisation over the theme. Terror however, is a breakaway from all previous tracks, bring us to new feel with its very Phrygian modes intro. And beyond this point, Derdian care to show us their other side of creativity with track Limbo, an interesting composition with percussion element in there. Kingdom Of Your Heart is a pieces to show off piano skill to your future fiancĂ©e with all its romantic intro, just a minute before the power metal once again changed the dinner courses. Not much to complaint, as the rest of album’s tracks seems consistent in ‘epic’ and ‘melodious’ approach that will pleased power metal fans.

Limbo is much straightforward power metal, with all its sweet and beautiful Italian cantabile inside. Songs are mostly memorable due to creative song writing. Musicianship is no doubt in crafting their melodies. Guitar solos and keyboard shred gone side by side in the incredible tight drum beat. Although many of the ideas in this genre already done by other power metal band notable Rhapsody of Fire, Derdian and Limbo is still a worthy time of exploration. If you like to listen more variation on this power metal music, the album is fun to get.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Derdian – Limbo
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01. Carpe Diem
02. Dragon’s Life
03. Forever In The Dark
04. Heal My Soul
05. Light Of Hate
06. Terror
07. Limbo
08. Kingdom Of Your Heart
09. Strange Journey
10. Hymn Of Liberty
11. Silent Hope

Ivan Giannini – vocals
Henry “Troglo” Pistolese – guitars, vocals
Dario Radaelli – guitar
Luciano “Lucio” Severgnini – bass
Marco “Garry” Garau – keyboards
Salvatore “Salva” Giordano – drums

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