Red - Release the Panic 2013

From the Nashville Christian Rock band, Red, here comes their fourth album, Release the Panic. Red had been doing modern rock, combined with stuff of heavy metal, grunge, hardcore packaged into their works. Release the Panic is even broader spectrum of music, from the opener Release the Panic that are groove / hardcore feel then gone to the last The Moment We Come Alive which is standard modern rock ballad.

In the middle part, Damage is pretty  awesome with killer opening riff then went into hardcore, industrial and nu metal stuffs all combined in one. It repeated again in If We Only, for now the song writing and choruses is their strong point.  Glass House make up the best non growling track, something like an Evanescene with male singing on it.

The production is high end with lots of looping and effect to intense the rhythm section. Release the Panic show the creativity of the boys in Red still strong ever, in the standard of award winning band. Check the American hard rock scene today on this album and relax.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Red – Release the Panic 2013
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1. "Release the Panic"  3:02
2."Perfect Life" 2:52
3."Die for You" 2:47
4."Damage"  3:42
5."Same Disease" 3:02
6."Hold Me Now" 4:01
7."If We Only"  3:47
8."So Far Away"  3:56
9."Glass House"  3:33
10."The Moment We Come Alive" 3:23
11."Love Will Leave a Mark"  2:41
12."As You Go"   4:17
13."Hymn for the Missing (Guillotine remix)" 4:34
14."Death of Me (Guillotine remix)"  4:42
15."Breathe Into Me (Remix Ac├║stica)"  3:55

• Michael Barnes – lead vocals
• Anthony Armstrong – rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals
• Randy Armstrong – bass, piano, backing vocals
• Joe Rickard – drums, percussion

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