Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall 2013

If you are thirty years old or so, most likely the band name Savatage will still has some memories for you. The legendary progressive hair metal band was then sing by Jon Oliva, before interrupted by their second singer that form unique part of their history. He was Zachary ‘Zak’ Stevens. His contribution in Savatage lead the band into distinguished era. Zak then left Savatage and formed Circle II Circle in 2001. In the beginning, Circle II Circle sounds like a twin project to Savatage. But soon they progressive forward and fill the void Savatage left for. Circle II Circle cycled out six albums now, counting today’s 2013 released titled Seasons Will Fall. Will the man able to matched his past on this album, we shall cross finger tight. As Seasons Will Fall is a lighter melodic metal work, that I even don’t think it is need a progressive metal label on it.

Diamond Blade started with bombastic riff and drumming, as Zak Stevens delivered his line, a catchy riff leading side by side. Cool, and this give us a reason to praise the team for well manage on the opening moment. Without A Sound got a nice guitar chops along with rather ‘80s glam metal groove. Those looking for Savatage sounds can listen to Epiphany, an eight minutes composition with piano of something Trans Siberian Orchestra notes there. The guitar riff still got extra bullets in Dreams That Never Die as to open another Savatage-like song. The album title track Seasons Will Fall however not acting as the pan ultimate song, but rather hanging there just to bridge Dreams That Never Die to Never Gonna Stop. The later is more straight forward classic heavy metal riff driven song. Then it all tune down in the rest of album, with two ballads hanging there, Sweet Despair and Only Yesterday. Enjoyable ending with a nice late ’80 chordal guitar, and piano ballad in Only Yesterday.

We got a nice guitar works in this album. Riff are screaming hard, solos are precise and melodious. Zak’s vocals however, sounds mostly low pitches that quite didn’t reach the climax in some important moments. But when clicks, as in Only Yesterday, the higher notes sounds extremely killer in Zak’s voice. My favourite tracks are Diamond Blade and Only Yesterday, for those enjoy melodic Savatage album, come and get Seasons Will Fall for sure.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall 2013
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01. Diamond Blade
02. Without A Sound
03. Killing Death
04. Epiphany
05. End Of Emotion
06. Dreams That Never Die
07. Seasons Will Fall
08. Never Gonna Stop
09. Isolation
10. Sweet Despair
11. Downshot
12. Only Yesterday

Zak Stevens Vocals
Paul Michael Stewart Bass, Keyboards
Andrew Lee Guitars
Jayson Moore Drums

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