List of Helloween's Tribute / Cover Song by Other Band

With all the glory in power metal realm, a large portion of it can be credited to Helloween. Their trilogy, Jericho and the Keepers, are the albums that every power metal grow up with. It is understandable then, that almost all tracks from these album is a familiar piece to younger generation musician. Helloween songs are a canonical piece that every player need to learn and play. The creation of tribute album shouldn’t be difficult for us to find. Every now and then a Helloween cover song also inserted into many notable power metal album. The latest is in Rhapsody of Fire Luca Turilli camp, which cover March of Time in their most symphonic style.

At least there are three album that officially done this in a package. Keepers of Jericho part 1 and 2 is a year 2000s project done by many bands that are still in their sophomore year at that time, that turns out successful in our days. Sonata Arctica, Dark Moor, Vision Divine, Rhapsody (of Fire), Steel Attack, Axenstar etc all are faithfully done a notes by notes cover of Helloween. If you like something more improvised, listen to Heaven’s Gate cover of A Little Time.

Then, on the early 2010s, we got HelloRay, A Tribute to Helloween and Gamma Ray album.
Speaking of Gamma Ray, it is understandable they cover a lot of Kai Hansen own stuff. I Want Out and Victim of Fate from their live album Skeletons in the Closet and a few Future World in other live album. Then Roland Grapow and Michael Kiske also notable do their Helloween year material as well. The most official release, is from Helloween himself with UnArmed, a complete re-arrange of their material, and a spin off Michael Kiske's A Past in Different Ways, which is an acoustic version of his Helloween songs.

Helloween - UnArmed - 25th Anniversary

01. Dr. Stein
02. Future World
03. If I Could Fly
04. Where The Rain Grows
05. The Keeper's Trilogy
06. Eagle Fly Free
07. Perfect Gentleman
08. Forever & One
09. I Want Out
10. Fallen To Pieces
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right
12. Why

Michael Kiske - Past in Different Ways

01. You Always Walk Alone
02.  We Got The Right
03.  I Believe
04. Longing
05. Your Turn
06.  Kids Of The Century
07. In The Night
08. Going Home
09. A Little Time
10. When The Sinner
11.  Different Ways (new track)

Keepers of Jericho part 1 – A Tribute to Helloween
01. Rhapsody – Guardians
02. Sonata Arctica – I Want Out
03. Heavens Gate – A Little Time
04. Metalium – Ride the Sky
05. Luca Turilli – I’am Alive
06. Morifade – Judas
07. Vision Divine – Eagle Fly Free
08. Brainstorm – Savage
09. Labyritnth – Future World
10. Cydonia – Save Us
11. Squealer – Victim of Fate
12. Dark Moor – Halloween sings by Elisa Martin
13. Secret Sphere – How Many Tears

Keepers of Jericho part 2 – A Tribute to Helloween
01. Iron Savior – Phantoms of Death
02. Steel Attack – Dr. Stein
03. Powergod – Starlight
04. Celesty – The Chance
05. Beto Vasquez Infinity – A Tale That Wasn’t Right
06. Paragon – Metal Invader
07. Arwen – March of Time
08. Freternia – Murderer
09. Vhaldemar – Gorgar
10. Dragonland – Sole Survivor
11. Axenstar – Twilight of the Gods
12. Highlord – Power – also appear on their studio album When Aurora Falls
13. Red Wine – Rise and Fall

HelloRay – A Tribute to Helloween and Gamma Ray
01. Guardians of Mankind - Tribute to the Past (Gamma Ray Cover)
02. Gaia Epicus – Warrior
03. Parallax – The Spirit (Gamma Ray Cover)
04. Aillion – Mr.Torture
05. Opera Magna – Anywhere In The Galaxy (Gamma Ray Cover)
06. Kickhunter – Ain’t Got Nothin’ Better
07. Sonem – Last Before the Storm (Gamma Ray Cover)
08. Armory – Where the Rain Grows
09. Drachen – A Tale That Wasn’t Right
10. Rampart – Just A Little Sign
11. 5th Element – Judas
12. Rotten - Leaving Hell (Gamma Ray Cover)
13. Burn Universe – Heaven Or Hell (Gamma Ray Cover)
14. Ilungara – Before the War
15. Deimos – Land Of The Free (Gamma Ray Cover)

List of Helloween Cover Song done by notable bands:

HammerfallI Want Out – Single 1999 – Joachim Cans duet with Kai Hansen

Iron Savior - Phantom of Death, Gorgar, Metal Invader (bonus tracks) - Unification 1999

Shaman – Eagle Fly Free – RituAlive 2003 (Live) – Andi Derris and Michael Weikath quests

Freedom Call – Dr. Stein – Live Invasion 2004 (Live) and Dimensions Bonus Track

Gamma Ray – many , notable are:
I Want Out - Heading for the East 1999 (Live)
Victim of Fate and I Want Out - Skeletons in the Closet 2003 (Live)
a Medley of I Want Out/Future World/Ride the Sky in Power of Metal boxset and Lust for Live
Future World - ALive '95

Steel Prophet - Ride the Sky - Dark Hallucinations 1999

Stormwarrior - Heavy Metal (is The Law) - in Limited edition digipack bonus

Messenger - Dr. Stein - See You in Hell 2011

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody of Fire – March of Time – Ascending to Infinity 2012

Unisonic – I Want Out - Ignition (EP) 2012 (Live) – Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen on board

Reinxeed - Halloween - Welcome to the Theater Bonus Track 2012

Quality Video on Youtube:

excellent video live performance from Stormwarrior playing Ride the Sky, featuring Kai Hansen on vocals!

Forever Storm - I Want Out

Other covers:
Ethernia - Future World
Alkemyst - Eagle Fly Free - album "Through Painful Lanes" 2008
Bassinvaders - Eagle Fly Free - in all bass instruments [Youtube] album "Hellbassbeaters"
Dreaming Hell - A Tale that Wasn't Right - Album Don't Be Afraid 2010
Nine Fears - Twilight of Gods - The Dreams in the Witch House (EP) 2007 [Youtube Official]
Seventh Seal - I'm Alive - album The Black Dragon's Eyes 2003
Sunrise - If I Could Fly - in single Dreamer Online 2005
Dream Master - Dr. Stein - album Dream Master 2005

The Eastern Tribute to Helloween (from Slovakia and Czech)
1. Crusader – Future World
2 Suffocate – Before The War
3 Cruel Barbarian – How Many Tears
4 Sonorous Reluctance – I Can
5 Salamandra – Judas
6 Definition – Victim Of Fate
7 Tristana – I Want Out
8 Halloweer – Heavy Metal (Is The Law) 
9 Unicorn - Eagle Fly Free (album "the 13th Sign" 2005)

Iron Maiden - Dr. Stein - listen Bruce Dickinson sings it! I can't find the related album for this, just a Youtube video (the video perhaps a fate, but the audio is real).

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