Secret Sphere - Portrait of a Dying Heart 2012

Secret Sphere’s main attraction is their new singer, Michele Luppi. As we know, Michele is one of top rank vocalist in power metal genre, singing for Vision Divine, Thaurorod and others, so his present in the band surely catapult more popularity to Secret Sphere. It’s a significant move by the band’s leader, Aldo Lonobile (guitarist) to bring Michele in, because after half dozen of studio albums Secret Sphere is still an underrated band in the jungle of Italian power metal scene. The new album they were working on is called Portrait of a Dying Heart, yet another concept album with original storyline fresh written by author Costanza Colombo.

The first chapter is a six minutes instrumental track. Rather risky to put a long intro, but here we go a progressive metal composition with duelling solos of guitars and keyboard in Portrait of a Dying Heart. After that Dream Theater “Overture 1928”-like prelude, Michele Luppi enter calmly in X, and need only second for a blasting double pedal attacks. And for sake of goodness, it’s a solid five minutes narrating without solos. Wish & Steadiness is a dramatic answered, holding thigh orchestration and choir effects. Riff gone berserk can be found in track The Fall, which only neutralized in Lie To Me as the counter slow song. Same thing in Secrets Fear as an ultra fast song followed by ballad The Rising of Love.

In every song, Secret Sphere success in rising listener’s attention with creativity. Every song are well composed with memorable intro. No devastating repetition in the whole sixty minutes work. Composer Aldo Lonobile able to put his team into solid technical works and make Michele Luppi vocal integrated well. An album of progressive and power metal supported by first class voice, worth listening time for every power metal fans.

Metalharem class : ******** eight stars out of ten

Secret Sphere - Portrait of a Dying Heart 2012
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1.Portrait Of A Dying Heart
3.Wish & Steadiness
5.The Fall
7.Lie To Me
8.Secrets Fear
9.The Rising Of Love

Aldo Lonobile- Rythm and lead guitar
Michele Luppi- Vocals
Andrea Buratto- Bass
Gabriele Ciaccia- Keyboards
Marco Pastorino- Rythm guitars
Federico Pennazzato- Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records

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