Golden Resurrection - One Voice for the Kingdom 2012

Christian metaller Golden Resurrection released new album One Voice for the Kingdom in this last month of 2012. It’s their third release, consistently since 2010 every years. Altough Tommy ReinXeed the guitarist also got his solo band ReinXeed around, he keeps some of his best neo classical lick for this band too. The overall sounds of One Voice for the Kingdom is faithful early power metal spirit. Christian Liljegren give wonderful classic voice throughout the album. The band welcome new keyboardist and drummer. Coming in, Alfred Fridhagen , who is also a drummer for ReinXeed project. And Svenne Jansson, live keyboardist for Jerusalem.  Together with bassist Stefan Kack, the quintet give us Christian power metal album with a taste of Helloween-like.

The influence of Keeper of Seven Keys is for the first two tracks of the album. The Temple Will Remain with it riff and opening verse is reminiscent of Helloween’s Alive. Then Spirit War is a tribute to Kiske’s March of Time, followed by Mozart! The flagship song, One Voice for the Kingdom is borrowing the eighties Europe galloping double pedal. It takes to fifth song to make it feel at home with combination of harpsichord shower and neo classical riff, exactly when they titled it Golden Resurrection. Enjoy the solo duel for their two shredders in the middle as the song develop. Even when Tommy try to outdone the intro with a bit of slow blues, it lead into a catchy metal ending, on the song Can’t Slow Down. The next track is for neo classical fans, Heavenly Metal is instrumental composition with that arpeggios and paganinians licks. It’s  melody actually very leading and ‘cantabile’ like, making the impressions that this is intended lyric song, but just didn’t make it. If you like to called it Yngwie Malmsteen-ing neo classical progression, there is Born for the Strangers that combined the most element from the genre. Check the Hammond organ vs guitar in the solo. The album epilogue is Moore Lord, a rather blues instrumental track with possible dedication to Gary Moore.

Again the basic receipt of power metal being wrapped wonderfully by Golden Resurrection. Enough to get it fresh again for being listen by diehard fans, and promoted as introduction for new comer in this genre. Neo classical elements lie on guitar and keyboard shred. The guitar tunes itself is crystal clean and perfect, listen to the killer tunes in God’s Mercy as the Marshall amp itself plug into your ears. Vocalist Christian Liljegren is of course on his high time enjoy each notes here. With elements of belief as the theme, it added kind of extra dimension.. It sure both duo Christian and Tommy were busy with own project or helping other. But if I followed their social network correctly, the album only recorded less than half year. A remarkable pace of production with superior quality. This is fully recommended power metal album probably one of the best in year 2012.

Metalharem classs: ********* nine stars out of ten

Golden Resurrection - One Voice for the Kingdom
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1. The Temple will remain
2. Spirit War
3. One Voice for the Kingdom
4. Night Light
5. Golden Resurrection
6. Can't Slow Down
7. Heavenly Metal
8. God's Mercy
9. Born for the Strangers
10. Moore Lord
11.  Special Message to Japan
12.  Eternal Freedom

Stefan Kack, Bass
Tommy ReinXeed,  Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Christian Liljegren,  Vocals
Alfred Fridhagen,  Drums
Svenne Jansson , Hammond Organ, Keyboards

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