Flotsam and Jetsam - Ugly Noise 2012

Veteran thrash metal band from Arizona come to us with new album Ugly Noise for end of year boxing. Ugly Noise is rather an old thrash metal sound combined with groove metal and modern in it. Listen to Cross The Sky with simply grunge metal riff intro mixed with power chorus. Then Motherfuckery which is industrial element implemented. Then the last of the kind is I Believe which is completely hard rocker. The good news, all the rest of album come with great old riff of thrash metal we know in Flotsam and Jetsam.

Right from Ugly Noise that is, as the cover suggest, a gothic-esque thrash metal with additional piano riff. Straight to the last track Machine Gun which is a head banging tunes with classic solos in it. In between, Run And Hide is a dark slow song that used one fifth of the duration in intro to build up the mood, an epic, a slightly ...And Justice for All nuances here. Also interesting is Rage, their minor feel one word chorus thrash song.

So that's, beside what had warned about intrusion of modern sounds, Ugly Noise is still nostalgic production, by almost all '80 line up. We got Erik Knutson voice and friends to remind us to their glory era. In sum, Ugly Noise is fresh album and kicking parts.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Flotsam and Jetsam - Ugly Noise 2012

1. Ugly Noise 04:10
2. Gitty Up 03:09
3. Run And Hide 05:28
4. Carry On 04:19
5. Rabbit's Foot 04:17
6. Play Your Part 05:29
7. Rage 03:25
8. Cross The Sky 04:45
9. Motherfuckery 03:07
10.I Believe 02:53
11.To Be Free 03:08
12.Machine Gun 03:17

Kelly David Smith, Drums
Edward Carlson, Guitars
Eric A.K., Vocals
Michael Gilbert,Guitars
Jason Ward, Bass

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