Bob Katsionis Rest in Keys 2012

The arise of third wave power metal in late ’90 come with a more demanding usage of keyboard. In this generation of bands such as Rhapsody (of Fire), Sonata Artica, and Dragon Force, the keyboard is significant soloist that run along guitar. Of that concept, Firewind surely on the forefront of this madness. The duo melodist between Gus G and Bob Katsionis put the rise of keyboard shred into a new glory. This give a notable fame for keyboardist Bob Katsionis,  that his solo album can’t be taken lightly, indeed is a serious thought provoking music stuff. Rest in Keys is the fourth solo release by Bob, mostly instrumental shred in the vibe of progressive metal.

For the starter, Bob choose to open with vocal track On My Own, featuring Peter Ellis. The song was previously intended to use for Firewind, but according to Bob this was put aside because of sound changes in Firewind. It’s a blessing to his solo album, he said, and truly a catchy way to open. Patented keyboard riff ala early Firewind is there. Singer Peter Ellis of British / Greek talent voice wonderful, he is a blend of Dickinson-Halford as exclaimed by Bob himself. The next song, Gravity Dance is a full progressive metal composition. It is a speedy 2x2 fingers keyboard riff, hence the title name. This song featuring Shadow Gallery virtuoso Gary Wehrkamp. The song Game of Drones was inspired by tv series Games of Thrones, Chris Amott soloing in the middle to a passage of Al di Meola-Phrygian theme, according to the notes! Epirus Rising is odd meter 5/8 riff build up, the composition in Phrygian theme is giving a Mediterranean mood with metal as accompanying music. The other vocal song is Another World that executed  by Maxi Nil. She is Visions of Atlantis' singer at the moment and a long time friend of Bob. The song fit nicely to her vocal, the chorus is catchy and charming. It’s an obvious inspiration from the god of storm and sea then Poseidon’s Rage is super fast shred featuring bandmate Gus G. Then come my favourite song, Falling From the Edge of Space, which according to Bob the hardest to composed on the album. A melodious riff theme adventure from a spacey mood goes into double pedal metal form and a good implementation of bluesy scale guitar solos too.  Rendezvous in the Sky represent by Bob rendezvous with Theater of Tragedy’s singer Liv Kristine. A melancholy mid tempo epic feel ballad driven composition, with a touches of inspirational keyboard solos and haunting narration line by Kristine. The rest two compositions is the pinnacle of Bob creativity on the album. Rest in Keys is flagship song in a perfect shred of keyboard. And finale Four Season of Love is wonderful song open with total acoustic piano improvisation serves well as a soundtrack in nocturnal .

A complete album represent the pinnacle of Bob creativity. A Mediterranean theme progressive metal composition as main body with bite of power metal glory. Long time accompanist are drummer Stelios Pavlou and bassist George Xynda, which both do excellent job holding Bob's centrifugal force. Perfect album for progressive metalhead that looking for endless keyboard inspirations.

Metalharem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Bob Katsionis - Rest in Keys 2012
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01. On My Own [feat. Peter Ellis]
02. Gravity Dance [feat. Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) guitar]
03. Game Of Drones [feat. Christ Amott (ex Arch Enemy) guitar]
04. Epirus Rising
05. In My Little Big Planet
06. Another World [feat. Maxi Nil]
07. Poseidon's Rage [feat. Gus G (Firewind) guitar]
08. Falling From The Edge Of Space
09. Rendezvous In The Sky [feat. Liv Kristine (Theater of Tragedy, Leaves’ Eye)]
10. Rest In Keys
11. The Four Seasons Of Love

Bob Katsionis – guitars, keyboards
George Xynda - Bass
Stelios Pavlou - Drums (ex-The Silent Rage)

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