Thy Majestie - ShiHuangDi 2012

The first clue, Shi Huangdi is the name of China’s first emperor back in Qin dynasty dated 222 B.C. This historical events provide interesting heroic story line which picked up by Thy Majestie, an all Italians guys playing power metal. A good idea and although remains skeptical,  this is a much knocking thought rather than seeing another dragon slaying Medieval era story line. It’s also thrilling to see the implementation of oriental folk element into the music, but actually other than a brief moments here and there, the album is pretty standard power metal. So here the musical journey of the event where the last states of Qi (among the other seven states) failed to defend their border and fall into pacifier warlord, which declared himself later as Shi Huangdi.

The intro Zhongguo, a pinyin spelling for “Central Kingdom”, is a close call to dynasty era folk music. It gives the grandeur feeling, the Emperor army marching on Gobi desert feel. Following first opener track is Seven Reigns which completely a Rhapsodians thing as we well known. The connecting elements is the oriental scale playing in the solos, as expected from this concept album. Harbringer of New Dawn repeat the oriental female chanting intro then let the song for another complete Italian power metal chops. Sibling of Tian (Sky) come in as a more galloping Viking folk metal with its tasty leading oriental melodic line. Walls of Emperor bring the most famous and thematic story of ShiHuangdi, about the suffering mainland population during the construction of the Great Wall, the music is elaborated nicely. You can imagine the noise of chart and workers breath through its brief intro. Then  Under the Same Sky is a powerful theme to put in the song, as well as the accompanying music is getting better to respond the East Asia-tic story.

It’s a long historical phrase which is something similar to one of the most famous jargon from warring China , Tian Xia 天下. Which can literally translate as Under the Same Heaven (Tian Xia Wei Gong 天下為公). A very political yet powerful phrase used by many warlord to proclaimed their mandate to unified the Central Kingdom.

Almost a climax is soundtrack Huanghun following with Ephemeral, an epic power metal with Mainland melodic scale. The last chapter is Requeim , after all of the bombastic events priors, I think this is come anticlimax on the musical side.

Although it left rooms for more implementation of exotic scale in the compositions, Thy Majestie not failing to bring the closer feel to ancient China as the story line required. Another historical concept album by wrapped in epic style by them, previously they had done Jeanne d'Arc theme and others. Singer Alessio Taormina seems like the one missing chain in the whole Thy Majestie adventure in power metal, and he finish the job well. If you fans of Eastern Asia history, fans of Jin Yong novel, the Romance of Three Kingdoms, or even fans of Shi Huangdi, this is the album for you!

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Thy Majestie - ShiHuangDi 2012
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01. Zhongguo
02. Seven Reigns
03. Harbringer of New Dawn
04. Siblings of Tian
05. Walls of the Emperor
06. Under the Same Sky
07. Farewell
08. Huanghun
09. Ephemeral
10. End of the Days
11. Requiem

SIMONE CAMPIONE all Guitars and backing vocals
DARIO D'ALESSANDRO Bass and backing vocals

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