Marco Sfogli reMarcoble 2012

Marco Sfogli, guitar shredder that carved his fame in becoming James LaBrie’s solo album axeman. He already released high ecstasy instrumental guitar album called There’s Hope in 2008. With this release alone it is clear the community have high hope of his talent. In that album, Marco sounds heavy and close to progressive territory with lots of catchy riff. So then there now second album incoming the shelves. reMarcoble is follow up release. With reMarcoble, Marco intelligently expand his sound beyond progressive metal and diversed the styles.

Marco started this with short melodious lick in simply movement called Intro. Then Jester’s Tears is mellow rock composition, an Andy Timmons-like and slightly Steve Morse chord progression, with pentatonic minor licks that done in style. The Reaction come as machine beat in the intro, another minor leading riff which is now a metal blend with Steve Vai’s Ultra Zone world. reMarcoble is just like the name, a return to progressive metal composition, that mean lots of lick manoeuvre with Portnoy’s drum licks.  Far From Me is yet another twist of sounds, intrigue composition with even more progressive element. Heartburn is a ballad with clean guitar, piano and orchestra as accompaniment to a killer distortion tunes. Which is you heard a little longer, a saxophone co-leading is something here. A leading tom-tom drum licks is highlight of song Father To Son. The Forest give us a little jazzy feel, with extended Hammond organ solos in, as well last part saxophone lead. Rest of the tracks serves well Marco dexterity on his guitar mastery.

This is pretty much a must listen shred album on the end of 2012 . Each licks are so in flow giving listener little to hold the breath. Not much words need, just get the cd.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Marco Sfogli – reMarcoble (2012)
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01. Intro
02. Jester's Tears
03. The Reaction
04. reMarcoble
05. Far From Me
06. Heartburn
07. The Forest
08. Father To Son
09. Save Yourself
10. Song of Ben and C.
11. The Barbarian

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