Warnot - His Blood Is Yours 2012

Warnot is one man band project by the alumni of Sweden progressive metal band Cloudscape, guitarist composer Bjorn Eliasson. This is his debut album following his departure from Cloudscape in 2009. Bring along the project is seven other vocalists in helping Eliasson to pulled out all his creative creation into live. Thick in progressive metal as in Cloudscape, but the album also diverse into symphonic metal and several heavy metal tunes. All wrap in a recording titled His Blood Is Yours.

Raptures Of The Deep is our first tune. Opening organ background followed by progressive guitar riff is what make the song. If you like Symphony X and of course Cloudscape, this sounds very much home. Eliasson compositional skill is reflected in the second track, The Crow Will Die. It has the bite of synthesizer ornamental, over lapping singing lines, and of course melodious guitar solos. My Darkest Hour is memorable for its killer clean guitar in the background. Another point of interest is Secrets Of Mythology that immediately stealth the attention with violin intro, then the verse and chorus singing line are easy to remember. This lead to another similar approach in RIP, where ambient string dominate the mood. New York is another tune where the mood is different again. Here a brave mix between several vocalist , including female voice, into the song to make this unique among others. The Patriot is the song where female voice is clearly there as main contributor.

Until the last track called Sirens, we are passing through the jungle of melodious progressive metal. Creative song writing is the strong point in this album. The only slightly input is, Eliasson’s sometimes a rather flat singing can be monotonous. The multiple vocalist is also proved problematic in mixing, since some of unique voice characters trimmed to get the universal sound, maybe the minor flaw in production. Artificial drumming, maybe should be considered  replace with in person drummer to get more feel and better acoustic. But here, Bjorn Eliasson completely enjoy his freedom as single composer, and able to enriched the composition in liberty by putting many ornamental phrases. Lover of progressive metal, especially Cloudscape must listen to this.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Warnot – His Blood Is Yours (2012)
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1. Raptures Of The Deep
2. The Crow Will Die
3. My Darkest Hour
4. A Late Night Dance With Death
5. Secrets Of Mythology
6. His Blood Is Yours
7. RIP
8. New York
9. The Patriot
10. I Am A Ghost
11. The Wrong Path
12. Sirens

Bjorn Eliasson : guitarist and others
Thomas Bursell known for his voice in Second Heat and Helsingborgs symphony Choirs.
Mike Andersson, Cloudscape, Full Force, Star One, Silent Memorial etc.
Sussi Sorensen, Bo Wilson Band.
Bjorn Persson, Doctor Weird.
Sara Andersson, Helsingborg choirs
Bjorn Eliasson, Cloudscape.
André Mollestam, Growls

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